Balashikha official exposes corrupted bureaucrats

Balashikha official exposes corrupted bureaucrats

Denis Zurodov, the Acting CEO of Reklamservis unitary enterprise, is in close cooperation with the investigation spilling out all the ways other officials have been terrorizing businessmen.

Details appeared telling more about the arrests of Balashikha Administration officials. On December 13, on suspicion of taking a bribe of 500.000 rubles law enforcers arrested Ilya Lezhnev, the Head of the Publicity and Funeral Services Department. Investigators believe the official had taken the money through an intermediary from a local businessman in return for his overall protection and no obstacles for the business.

The Balashikha Investigative Department in the Moscow region initiated a criminal case under part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code. The official has been taken into custody.

Apart from Lezhnev, according to Legal.Report, three others have been apprehended. One of them is Denis Zurodov, the Acting CEO of Reklamservis unitary enterprise, who is in close cooperation with the investigation, and has already testified. Namely, the testimony concerns the ways other officials terrorize businessmen, employ cash schemes, etc.

Besides, a video appeared in the Internet showing Balashikha’s Head Evgeny Zhirkov discussing the ways to get a kickback for municipal land. The conversation referred to certain Vorobiovs (senior and junior). The person Zhirkov was speaking to seems to be local crime boss Anatoly Petrov (Petrukha). However, it is unclear when the conversation happened.

At the same time, since the fall’16 the Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office has been scrutinizing Balashikha’s Administration. They are primarily interested in the reports that the district’s new master plan illegally took lands from Losiny Ostrov National Park, without the approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Abramtsevo, Losiny and Khomutovo apartment blocks are going to be built on the ‘newly freed’ territories.

Besides, there is information that commercial structures close to the city administration, have received a number of municipal contracts as well as carried out illegal operations with land and real estate.



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