Arrested Zakharchenko still denies bribery and awaits charges of organizing OCG

Arrested Zakharchenko still denies bribery and awaits charges of organizing OCG
Dmitry Zakharchenko

The court held a session to select a preventive measure against the former Interim Head of the Department T of the MIA central anticorruption board Dmitry Zakharchenko on November 3.

Entering the courtroom escorted by guards, he shouted to journalists: "I have no money, it's not my money!" After that, he began to complain about the poor conditions in the pre-trial detention center and inactions of investigators, as well as to require medical examination.

It is to be recalled that, as the CrimeRussia previously reported, Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested on September 9, during a special operation of the FSB. During the search, 8.5 billion rubles in cash were found and confiscated in his apartment and a car. Besides, the main part of the money was in foreign currency. After that, he was charged with crimes under such articles as: Abuse of Official Powers (285 of the Criminal Code), Bribe-Taking (290 of the Criminal Code), and Hindering Conduct of Preliminary Investigation (294 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigators, the name of Dmitry Zakharchenko is associated with a number of high-profile crimes. Moreover, it was identified that the members of his family are the owners of luxury apartments in Moscow, a park of expensive cars, the total cost of which is 25 million rubles, real estate property on the territory of the Rostov Region, as well as the Swiss bank accounts and real estate property abroad.

At the hearing, Zakharchenko was wearing a business suit and a white shirt. Furthermore, he carefully prepared his speech, saying the judge he was very pleased with the extension of his arrest and expressed gratitude. After he was given the case materials for familiarization and was about to be convoyed out, so that he could read them, Zakharchenko rant out a protest speech not wanting to leave the courtroom: "One can hardly breathe there. During my stay in Lefortovo predetention center, my health condition rapidly deteriorated. No medical care is provided. I wrote two applications to the investigator, but there is no answer!"

According to the investigator, Zakharchenko continues to deny his guilt. At that, 29 witnesses testified against him. As part of the investigation, it is also planned to hold a series of examinations and study evidence. The representative of the Investigative Committee asked the court to extend Zakharchenko’s arrest until March 8, citing the fact that currently the police are identifying the members of the criminal group, in which Zakharchenko was participating, as well as establishing the origin of the seized money.

Dmitry Zakharchenko, in turn, criticized the work of the investigative bodies and said that he now expected them to charge him with illegal banking activity and organization of a criminal community.

During the hearing, he demanded to hold a cross-examination with the CFO of the Nota-Bank, who is also under arrest. "Where is the evidence that I warned Larisa Marchukova? This is pressure on the court. I assume that the FSB investigators put pressure on the investigator and the court", the suspect said. Then, he began to complain on lawlessness of the investigation: "Stop this lawlessness! Measures are taken to make people slander me. At that, no investigatory actions are carried out with me." After that, Zakharchenko began to persuade the court to release him under house arrest and threatened that he would die in prison because of health problems: "I'm ready to wear three bracelets on each leg, arm and neck, just release me. I am ready to live in the investigator's office. Where can I hide, I have two young children? Otherwise, I will die in four months." The suspect's lawyers also asked the court to select against Zakharchenko the preventive measure in the form of house arrest and backed their position with the argument of low percent of escapes when the monitoring electronic bracelets are used.

As a result, taking into account the statements of the parties, the Presnensky Court of Moscow ruled to extend the detention period for Dmitry Zakharchenko until March 8, 2017.



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