Arrested officials from Omsk Department of Property Relations accused of yet another bribe

Arrested officials from Omsk Department of Property Relations accused of yet another bribe
The Head of Finance and Information Management of the Department of Property Relations at the Omsk Mayor’s Office Svetlana Paradeeva

The trial against two current and two former officials of the Department of Property Relations continues in Omsk.

The employees of the Mayor's Office have been charged with corruption and bribery.

On November 1, the Kuibyshev District Court of Omsk changed the measure of restraint for the Head of the Finance and Information management of the Department of Property Relations Svetlana Paradeeva and the leading specialist of the Lease Relations Management Nadezhda Zhurova. Both of them were transferred from the prison back to their homes and are now under house arrest. Meanwhile, the case materials already include two episodes of the bribetaking. According to the investigative authorities, the officials were taking money not only from the Paritet Company, but also from a certain businessman. In the latter case, they received 320 thousand rubles to retrospectively terminate a land lease contract, which had been previously signed with the city's Department of Property Relations.

The officials were accused of major bribery two months ago. The two other defendants are also former employees of the Omsk Mayor’s Office.

A criminal case was initiated against Svetlana Paradeeva, Nadezhda Zhurova and their former colleagues — ex-Head of the Markets and Trading Zones Management Farizana Berezhnaya and the ex-Head of Land-use Management Elena Guseva — under items (a, c), part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking by a functionary).

All of the suspects were detained on September 8. Moreover, Farizana Berezhnaya was caught red-handed when receiving a bribe of 300 thousand rubles from a representative of the Paritet Company in the lobby of the department. She had no other choice but to cooperate with the investigation and confess everything. Precisely because of this fact, the law enforcers were able to shortly detain all other corrupt officials.



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