Arrested Noginsk investigator testified against his colleagues

Arrested Noginsk investigator testified against his colleagues

The testimony of Nikolay Tsarev may lead to new investigations and serious personnel reshuffles in the Moscow region ICR.

Former employee of the Noginsk department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for priority cases Nikolay Tsarev concluded a deal with the investigation. Pleading guilty, he gave "detailed and truthful testimony about the illegal activities" against his colleagues, as well as some employees of the capital Babushkinsky department of the ICR. As reported by Kommersant, an agreement with the former Noginsk investigator was signed by Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Viktor Grin. After that, ex-investigator Tsarev was placed under house arrest.

Recall, the Investigative Committee initiated criminal proceedings under part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Abuse of Official Powers) with respect to former employees of Noginsk. Acting head of the ICR for Noginsk Dmitry Lisanin and senior investigators Nikolay Tsarev and Oleg Valuev are suspected in an attempt to obtain illegal compensation from the applicant in two criminal cases initiated by the Dunlop subsidiary - Dunlop Tire CIS.

According to the investigation, following an audit on June 15, 2016, Senior Investigator of the ICR department in Noginsk Oleg Valuev initiated a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an Especially Large Scale) against the leadership of a large tire retailer Unilop LLC. Dunlop Tire CIS had accused Unipol of theft of property for 286.9 million rubles ($4.89 million). The case was initiated. The publication notes that other car tire manufacturers filed lawsuits with the arbitration court against Unipol after its bankruptcy. However, after launching the case and reporting to his immediate superior – Acting Head of the Noginsk department of the Investigative Committee Dmitry Lisanin – Senior Investigator Valuev failed to register the investigation “contrary to the interests of the service” and “to act out of selfish interest.” Then Valuev started to work for the ICR department in Korolev, transferring his investigations to Investigator for Priority Cases Nikolay Tsarev. The Head of Noginsk ICR department and the investigators failed to notify the Prosecutor’s Office. And Dmitry Livanin, the head of the department, forced him to falsify the case. In case of refusal, he allegedly promised to "substitute" Tsarev and bring a criminal case against him, and at the same time take away the service apartment.

During the investigation of the case, which was on duty of the Central office of the Investigative Committee, bribery was revealed, which, according to the ICR version, the investigators received for the return of seized car tires.

The new case was initiated by Deputy Chairman of the ICR Igor Krasnov on February 19, 2018. The set of tires worth 1.7 billion rubles was seized as evidence and was in a temporary storage warehouse in Noginsk district. On June 21, 2017, Alexey Timoshin, the head of the second department for the investigation of priority cases for the Moscow region, ordered one of his subordinates to issue a resolution on the inspection of the warehouse and pointed out the necessity of transferring of the tires located there to representatives of the Agrotrade company.

Investigator Tsarev gave out the tires from the warehouse to the merchants, and Lisanin, who had already resigned from the investigative bodies and had acted as an intermediary in this scam, received a bribe from the company representative, which were then divided equally between Lisanin, Timoshin, and Tsarev. After that, Alexey Timoshin, according to the materials of the case, abolished the decree on recognizing the tires material evidence.

The testimony of Nikolay Tsarev may result in new investigations, and severe personnel reshuffles in the Moscow region ICR.



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