Arrested MIA 'torpedo’ operatives turn out to be linked with case of Sugrobov

Arrested MIA 'torpedo’ operatives turn out to be linked with case of Sugrobov
Sergey Abramov in court Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Officers of the anti-corruption directorate Alexander Sobolev and Sergey Abramov, who were arrested in December 2016, face new criminal episodes in connection with the new circumstances.

In the case of Alexander Sobolev and Sergey Abramov, the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption officers, who were arrested in December 2016, the persons of interest from the ‘case of Sugrobov’ are mentioned. The cases refer to the name of the Colonel Salavat Mullayarov – one of the main defendants in the high-profile case of a criminal community in the Directorate. The new case is also has the name of the Directorate’s Deputy Chief: Major General Boris Kolesnikov, who died in 2014. This is reported by RBC correspondents, who familiarized with the materials of the investigation.

According to the case materials, Abramov and Sobol were the so-called ‘torpedoes’, i.e. provoked officials or entrepreneurs to take bribes. With the complicity of the unemployed Vadim Alferov, on September 30, 2013, during an operational experiment in a restaurant on Novy Arbat, the former director of the Zemlyane (Earthlings) band Sergey Cherenkov and Sergey Pohilyuk were provoked to fraud. Alferov, who presented himself as a representative of the payment service Kiwi, gave 60 million rubles for a place in the Council of the party United Russia for the founder of the Kiwi system Andrey Romanenko. After that, in respect of Cherenkov and Pohilyuk, a criminal case of fraud was initiated; they even were convicted. However, later, the court reversed the verdict.

It is to be noted that Abramov and Sobol organized the wiretapping and conducted the operational experiment, which resulted in the businessmen’s arrests, with the approval of the General Kolesnikov: his signature can be seen on the documents. On the results of investigative actions Abramov and Sobol reported also to Mullayarov, who was at that time the Head of the Department B.

Now, the investigator in this case Igor Fedutinov intends to interrogate Mullayarov, says the source of RBC. Officially, the Investigative Committee has not yet commented on this information.

“Mullayarov will be questioned at least as a witness. But many colleagues suggest that the initiation of the second criminal case is due to the fact that the investigators need a backup plan", said the former lawyer of the General Kolesnikov Pavel Lapshov. According to him, the second case may be needed in case the defense will manage to win the case of Sugrobov. In this case, it will be possible, for example, draw Mullayarova in the case of Sobol and Abramov.

It is to be recalled that the former Chief of the Chief Directorate – Lieutenant General Dennis Sugrobov – and nine of his subordinates are charged with organizing a criminal group, abuse of power, as well as in the provocation of taking bribes. According to the prosecution, Sugrobov and his subordinates framed up criminal cases against officials and businessmen, including the city manager of Smolensk Konstantin Lazarev, the officials of the Accounting Chamber, the suburban Ministry of Transport and Rosreestr management, and the top managers of Aeroexpress.

On April 14, the Moscow City Court will announce its verdict. In December, the prosecutor, during the pleadings, asked for from 5 to 22 years in prison for the accused.



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