Arrested for extorting 11 million rubles UEBiPK police officer placed under house arrest

Arrested for extorting 11 million rubles UEBiPK police officer placed under house arrest

The court chose measure of restraint for the arrested on November 25 Moscow MIA UEBiPK employee.

According to the TV channel Ren TV, the suspected of extorting bribes through intermediaries totaling 11 million rubles from the businessman for the failure of the criminal liability was placed under house arrest.

During the trial the defendant did not respond to reporters' questions. Standing in the corner of the cage and turning away he did not say a word.

The сourt, which held a hearing on the election of restraint measure, was not called, as a term of house arrest. The TV channel also did not mention the name of the UEBiPK officer, but we have previously reported that the suspect is operative of the 3rd Division of the OEBiPK 1st operatively-search unit Alexander Kunikin.

The police officer was arrested on November 25 for a period of two days in accordance with Article 91 of the Code of Criminal Procedure on suspicion of extortion and taking bribes. Two mediators were arrested with him.

With reference to its sources the Life edition reported that the detainee oversaw the investigation of crimes connected with slot machines and points of currency exchange in Moscow. After his arrest the FSB raided the UEBiPK department, where Kunikin has worked.

There is no information on arraignment to the suspect. According to the website of the Russian Interior Ministry in respect to the officer a service check is conducted, on the results of which it will be decided on his dismissal from the bodies. The direct chiefs of the UEBiPK employee will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility.

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