Arkhangelsk: ex-CID officer accused of protecting prostitution 

Arkhangelsk: ex-CID officer accused of protecting prostitution
Detained police officer Photo: Still from the video

The police officer would warn pimps about upcoming checks in exchange for bribes.

In Arkhangelsk, former officer of the criminal investigation department (CID) and several more people are accused of taking bribes for the protection of prostitution, the ICR press service reports. 

According to the investigation, in the period from September 2012 to November 2017, the police officer and his friends got money from persons who organized prostitution for the girls they hired. In exchange, the police officer informed pimps about upcoming checks. Thus, the criminals evaded penalty. 

The Federal Security Service Directorate and the operations and search division of the MIA Directorate Internal Security Department in the Arkhangelsk region have compiled a case file. Initially, the organized group members had been placed in custody, however, the court then changed their preventive measure to house arrest.

Video: Ex-CID officer arrested for protecting prostitutes in Arkhangelsk



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