Apartment of official arrested for fraud is a ‘palace’ 

Apartment of official arrested for fraud is a ‘palace’
Photo: ICR

Natalya Malinovskaya’s official salary is 116 thousand rubles ($1,750).

An official, who lived in a luxurious apartment resembling a palace, has been arrested in Novosibirsk region. Director of the state institution Khozyaystvennoe Upravlenie, Natalya Malinovskaya, is suspected of fraud and embezzlement on a large scale. According to the investigation, the official was in charge of the official fleet of the government. Her duties included monitoring the repair of vehicles and the replacement of spare parts, which in fact remained a dead letter. The investigators estimated the damage caused to the state at 4.9 million rubles ($73,920). A criminal case has been initiated.



After the searches in Malinovskaya’s house, it was clear on what the money had been spent. As it turned out, the official lives in a luxurious two-level apartment, more reminiscent of the palace chambers. At the same time, judging by the documents, the official’s payment is 116 thousand rubles.



The apartment has a private office and a private dining room, and there is a spiral staircase on the second floor. In the living room, there is a fireplace with stucco and antique figures. The doors are decorated with gilded stucco, reminiscent of the decor of the Palace of Versailles. The floors are lined with expensive marble. Apparently, Malinovskaya loved to spend evenings in a romantic setting, as candles were placed in intricately decorated candlesticks throughout the apartment.


Natalya Malinovskaya

It turned out that according to the documents, the apartment belongs to the relatives of Malinovskaya. The investigation will have to find out whether the luxury property was acquired by criminal means. At the moment, the court has arrested Malinovskaya for a period of 2 months. Now, the official will have to sleep on a bunk instead of her royal chambers until at least April 1.



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