Anti-corruption fighter Kunikin caught on live bait

Anti-corruption fighter Kunikin caught on live bait

Investigators packed the suitcase with a multi-million dollar bribe for the unknown problem solver with high-tech electronic devices.

New details have emerged about the special operation by the FSB, which led to the detention of the police officer from the MIA Moscow Department for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption, Alexander Kunikin. On November 25, law enforcers reported the special agent had been caught red-handed while receiving a bribe worth 11 million rubles. Two intermediaries were arrested along with him.

Life notes that originally FSB investigators did not know the name of the problem solver who volunteered to help the leaders of the Moscow College of Rail Transport to avoid criminal prosecution for fraud with taking fake people on the staff. At first, members of the MIA Main Investigative Department in Moscow learned that the college administration hired fictitious employees and took their wages for themselves.

During the inspection, the suspects told investigators that they had been contacted by intermediaries of an unknown influential problem solver from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who had promised to close the criminal case for $ 1 million. The unknown police officer confirmed his competence by showing the deep knowledge of the case details, the college staff explained. He knew the details of the inspections and even named the investigator in charge, Denis Chilikin. However, the price set by the benefactor was too high and the suspects chose to yield the extortionist to FSB.

Further negotiations with the problem solver were held under the control of the security service. With their consent, the college administration bargained with the secret perpetrator and agreed on 11 million rubles. The date of the bribe transfer was set for November 25. Since FSB did not know who they were hunting, they decided to use a live bait.

A source in the security service told the media outlet that the bundles of banknotes were packed with bugs, geo-location and wiretapping devices. Therefore law enforcers could track the position of the suitcase via satellite and be aware of the mediators' plans.

After the mediator gave the bribe to the unknown person, the latter was immediately detained. As previously reported, the extortionist turned out to be the member of the 3rd Office of the 1st Search and Rescue Division at the Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kunikin, who investigated crimes related to slot machines and exchange offices. For the last six months he was staying on sick leave, which was the only thing that saved him from dismissal for multiple flaws in his work. According to a source of Life, Kunikin knew about it and decided to earn some money before dismissal by extorting from the college administration. Due to the fact that the suspect did not have the authority to influence the investigation of this criminal case, he is now suspected of fraud.

Ren TV reported that on November, 26 the court placed Kunikin under house arrest.

The MIA stated that a service check has been initiated against him. It will result in dismissal for Kunikin and disciplinary actions against his immediate superiors.



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