Another Rosatom’s enterprise head detained for bribe

Another Rosatom’s enterprise head detained for bribe
Igor Sushkov

The General Director of Research and Production Complex (NPK) Dedal was detained when transferring the first part of the bribe in the amount of 2.5 million rubles ($37.9 thousand) in one of Simferopol restaurants.

One of the restaurants in Simferopol saw the Director General of NPK Dedal, one of the Rosatom enterprises for the development of security systems, being rounded up when transferring the first part of a bribe in the amount of 2.5 million rubles ($37.9 thousand), FSB informs. The CEO was taken into custody.

The detention was carried out by the FSB’s internal security officers together with the investigators of the Investigative Committee’s Main Directorate for the Republic of Crimea. The reason for the operation was information about the plans of the General Director and his subordinate to offer one of the officers of the FSB border management in the Crimea a large bribe for assistance in accepting the works on installation and commissioning of the state border protection equipment.

The intelligence agency notes that in April 2018 the detainee was arrested by the decision of the Kiev district court of Simferopol. Until November, his detention and arrest were not reported.

The name of the arrested is not disclosed, however, according to the press service of NPK Dedal, in April 2018, the post of General Director of the company was held by Igor Sushkov. The source of RBC in law enforcement agencies confirmed that it was Sushkov, who was appointed Head of the company after the dismissal of the previous Director General Sergey Fedyaev, that was detained for committing a similar crime.

Fedyaev found himself under investigation on charges of embezzling funds allocated to ensure the security of the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Kommersant informs. In addition, serious financial irregularities were revealed during his leadership in the company.

The employees with Dedal, detained in a new case, as well as their accomplice, who was caught in September of this year, face up to 15 years in prison. The investigation of the case is ongoing.

NPK Dedal is engaged in the development and production of equipment and systems for complexes of technical means for physical protection of objects of special importance and increased danger of civilian and military purposes.



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