Another criminal case can be initiated against Nikandrov

Another criminal case can be initiated against Nikandrov
Denis Nikandrov

For the protection of the leaders of Moscow Metro, against the first Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigative Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov a new criminal case can be initiated.

Accused of receiving a large bribe (Part 6 of the Article 290 of the Criminal Code), the General Denis Nikandrov can become a defendant in the new case on Abuse of Official Powers (Article 286 of the Criminal Code). About this told Rosbalt’s source in law enforcement.

This time we are talking about the protection of corrupt officials from Moscow Metro SUE. Late last year, the Interior Ministry transferred to the ICR Main Investigative Directorate in Moscow the materials about the possible embezzlement of funds allocated for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II by the officials of the Moscow Metro. However, as a consequence, Nikandrov slowed down the progress of the case.

As the CrimeRussia has already reported, in 2015, a businessman went to the police with a complaint against the Deputy Chief of the Moscow Metro Georgy Dyagterev. The businessman in his statement said that the company has won an order to design the Moscow subway on Victory Day, but Dyagterev refused to pay for the works without a payoff. In the ICR, the pre-investigation checks against the Metro began, during which both the Head of the Metro Dmitry Pegov and his Deputy, Yuri Degtyarev testified. Around the same time, a check has been assigned in relation to another Pegov’s Deputy, Alexey Kharitonov. He was suspected of corruption in the performance of government contracts for the need of the Metro.

However, in February 2016, Nikandrov intervened the investigation. He threatened the investigator, who led the case against the Metro managers, with jail. In the end, he was arrested after all, and checks on the Metro managers - Dyagterev and Kharitonov - have been suspended.

Additional facts of Nikandrov’s participation were revealed during the interrogation one of the investigators. He said that he committed a series of illegal actions on the Metro case materials on the personal instructions of Denis Nikandrov.

It is to be recalled that the first Deputy Head of the ICR MID for Moscow Denis Nikandrov, as well as the Head of the ICR Main Directorate of Inter-agency Cooperation and Internal Security Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Lamonov took a bribe of $ 1 million from people of Shakro Molodoy for the release of Andrey Kochuykov (Italian).



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