Another accused in the Oboronservis case asked for a parole

Another accused in the Oboronservis case asked for a parole
Irina Yegorova

The same court, which had set Evgenia Vasilieva free, will hold hearing on a motion of Irina Yegorova.

Sudogdsky court of the Vladimir region received a motion of one of the Oboronservis case’s figurant Irina Yegorova. In May 2015 Presnensky Moscow Court sentenced former financial director of limited liability company Mira to 4 years and 3 months of imprisonment. Yegorova appealed the decision and a superior body shortened the term to 3 years and 10 months. Now, the accused, who is being held in one of the colonies in the Vladimir Region, got a right to ask for a parole. Irina Yegorova filed a motion and on 20th of June 2016 the hearing will be held.

It is known that Sudogdsky court was the one, which in August 2015 delivered a judgment to release the main accused in the Oboronservis case, Evgenia Vasilieva, on a parole. 

Other figurants of this high-profile case, Natalia and Nikolay Dinkov’s and Dinara Bilyalova, were also released on a parole.

Ekaterina Smetanova, the one who was selling the property of the Ministry of Defense, concluded a pre-judicial cooperation agreement and gave testimonies against her accomplices and was taken under a state protection. In 2016 Ekaterina Smetanova got 4 years of suspended sentence and a penalty at 6,5 million rubles. 



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