Official from Jewish Autonomous Region got convicted for illegal issuance of credits from the federal budget

Official from Jewish Autonomous Region got convicted for illegal issuance of credits from the federal budget

The Head of the municipal formation "Smidovichsky municipal district" in the Jewish Autonomous Region will be judged by for abuse of power.

According to the Investigative Committee of the Jewish Autonomous Region, their specialists have completed the investigation of the criminal case against Alexander Tlustenko, the former Head of Smidovichsky municipal district, located on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region. The officail is being accused of the crime under item b Part 3 of Art.286 of the Russian Criminal Code, in particular, he is being charged with exceeding official powers with the infliction of grave consequences to the local budget.

According to the regional Investigative Committee, during the investigation it was found out that in 2008 Alexander Tlustenko, while being on the post of the Head of the municipality, signed a number of contracts with LLC Kamishovka ZHKKH and LLC Sotrudnichestvo. Under these agreements he provided loans to the organizations for the total sum of 9.5 million rubles. Moreover, the source for these loans was the budget of Smidovichsky municipal district.

The official provided firms with loans on the security of municipal services, breaking the current legislation requirements. Yet he has not received the written consent from the antimonopoly authority for granting municipal preferences to LLCs.

During the investigation it was revealed that Alexander Tlustenko provided loans, ignoring the mandatory conditions related to the preliminary verification of the financial status of credited organizations.

As a result, the firms still did not fully pay off their debts, which means that the money also has not been returned to the budget of the municipality.

The Investigative Committee added that because of the actions of Alexander Tlustenko the municipal budget suffered substantial material damage in the amount of 6.9 million rubles. With that being said, in 2008, when both credits were issued, the local budget deficit amounted to 1.7 million rubles.

At the moment, the investigating authorities have collected enough evidence in the criminal case. After confirmation of the indictment, the case will be transferred to the court for substantive consideration.



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