Amount seized from Zakharchenko would not fit in bag 

Amount seized from Zakharchenko would not fit in bag
Dmitry Zakharchenko in court Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

The details of search of the Acting Head of the Department T at the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko, during which FSB and ICR officers had found and seized 123 million dollars, have come to light.

According to TASS, a bag of money with the amount of dollars equalling 8 billion rubles was found during the searches of the colonel's house and office. The currency denomination is not yet known.

Meanwhile, a CrimeRussia's source at the law enforcement bodies, who had repeatedly dealt with large amounts of assets seized from criminals while on his duty, has denied this information.


The fact is, a package of money such as a bag, whatever its volume is, would not under any circumstances fit the amount seized from Zakharchenko.

A big tourist suitcase can fit a maximum of 3 million hundred-dollar bills, or 10 million euro banknotes in 500-euro denominations.

Since the MIA reports on Zakharchenko's detention mentioned US dollars, it will not be hard to calculate that 123 million equals 41 suitcases (or bags).


In addition, according to public sources, weight of the amount of money can be determined with accuracy of up to 1 kg. Regardless of the denomination, one bill weighs a little less than 1 g, therefore, one million dollars would weigh 10 kg (9.98), and 123 millions – nearly 1230 kg. As can be seen in a visual by's American edition, 100 million dollars perfectly fit on a warehouse pallet in a bulk slightly shorter than the average height of a man.

It it unlikely that Zakharchenko was in possession of 100-thousand and 1-million dollar banknotes used for internal settlements between the banks and the US Federal Reserve. As a rule, most Americans have never even seen these banknotes in their lifetime.



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