Aman Tuleev’s deputies convicted of extortion

Aman Tuleev’s deputies convicted of extortion
Kemerovo region vice governors Aleksandr Danilchenko and Aleksey Ivanov

All the defendants have been convicted.

The Investigative Committee has formally charged the defendants with soliciting shares of a coal producer JSC Razrez Inskoy under part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion). Among the suspects are high-ranking Kemerovo officials, senior ICR officers and businessmen.

Today, the Novosibirsk District Central Court convicted six persons involved in the case. Vice governors Aleksey Ivanov and Aleksandr Danilchenko have been placed under house arrest. Earlier, the Novosibirsk ICR investigator had requested to imprison the vice governors, but at today's court hearing the prosecution petitioned for house arrest. The prosecutor rationalized that saying a number of key witnesses had already been questioned, so there was allegedly no need to keep the officials in custody.

Apart from Ivanov and Danilchenko, today the court also sentenced to house arrest Elena Troitskaya, the Head of the Department of Administrative Bodies of the Kemerovo regional administration, as well as Sergey Kryukov, the Deputy Head of the second department for investigation of particularly important cases of the Kemerovo ICR, and also the senior investigator of the Department Artemy Shevelev and businessman Aleksandr Shukin.

Earlier, on November 16, the court incarcerated two other accused: Sergey Kalinkin, the Head of ICR in Kemerovo region and Shukin’s confidant Gennady Vernigor.

The Investigative Committee said the violations committed by Kalinkin, Kryukov, Shevelev, Ivanov, Danilchenko and Troitskaya are also being checked for Exceeding Official Powers (Art. 286 of the Criminal Code).

We should remind that the suspects, acting by previous concert, were extorting a controlling stake (51%) of JSC Razrez Inskoy belonging to local businessman Anton Tsygankov (the company is a coal producer using underground methods in Belovsky District, Kemerovo region). The shares’ market value is at least 1 billion rubles, making the offense extortion on an especially large scale. Meanwhile, region governor Tuleev stood up for his subordinates, saying the accusations against them were absurd, the criminal case was a set up, and the whole situation was but an attempt to put more pressure on him.



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