"Always are the weak at fault before the strong": ex-Deputy Chairman reads fable in court

"Always are the weak at fault before the strong": ex-Deputy Chairman reads fable in court
Sergey Morozov

Sergey Morozov is accused of extorting bribes worth more than 12 million rubles.

Former Deputy Chairman of the Ivanovo City Duma Sergey Morozov, accused of corruption, has made his last statement in court. During a court session, Morozov read a pompous speech sprinkled with quotations of Cicero, Father Alexander Florensky, Francis Bacon, and Dumas. The defendant compared the criminal prosecution against him to Krylov's fable ‘The Wolf and the Lamb.’

“Always are the weak at fault before the strong. In history we hear a host of examples,” Morozov read a fragment of the fable.

According to the defendant, these lines reflect the legal realities of today: the one who is stronger is right.

“In fact, what a lamb could possibly prove to a hungry wolf? The prosecution thinks the same: what a local deputy could prove to the toothy wolves – prosecutors and investigators – hungry for bribe-takers? They will maul another victim with their powerful jaws for lunch,” the former Deputy Chairman of the City Duma noted.

Morozov is convinced that he is only a bait of the security forces, enabling them to catch a bigger ‘fish'. The defendant admits he has been forced to testify against two Government representatives, whose names he does not dare to name. However, according to Slukhi I fakty (Rumors and Facts), they are former Head of Ivanovo Vyacheslav Sverchkov and First Deputy Governor Dmitry Kulikov.

Let us recall that Morozov himself is accused of extorting more than 12 million rubles from businesswoman Svetlana Morkovkina. For this money, the City Duma Deputy Chairman had promised to solve the problem with rent of a piece of land in the municipal property. The suspect was detained in April 2015 and placed in a pre-trial detention center.

At the hearing, Morozov gave strong (in his view) arguments in his defense. Thus, he believed businesswoman Morkovkina was a provocateur, and assistant Kupchishyn, who testified against the vice-president, was a slanderer.

In addition, the defendant believed that the prosecution had committed “at least seven crimes” against him, including psychological impact, torture (in particular, transport in a single box of paddy wagon, and violation of conditions of detention in prison.

In conclusion, Morozov quoted Alexandre Dumas: “Hope is the last thing to be lost.”

“I cannot impose my views on you, but I am sure that the sentence you render will be deeply thought out and extremely fair,” he concluded.



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