Almost 9 billion rubles of Colonel Zakharchenko seized by ICR and placed in vault of Central Bank 

Almost 9 billion rubles of Colonel Zakharchenko seized by ICR and placed in vault of Central Bank
Arrested in Zakharchenko billions

Vladimir Markin said that those arrested billions are recognized as a proof of the received by the policeman bribes.

The official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin said that the agency acknowledged as a material evidence seized 9 billion of the Colonel Zakharchenko. Billions have been seized and placed in the vault of the Central Bank. Now investigators have to figure out how such a sum of money was at hands of the Deputy Head of the Directorate T of the GUEBiPK Dmitry Zakharchenko.

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Seized and arrested money of Zakharchenko lie in the Central Bank vault

- Seized money are recognized as the material evidence to establish other facts of Zakharchenko bribery. At the moment, according to the investigation, an amount of 8.5 billion rubles is regarded as the material evidence. Sources of income of the funds are established,” - quoted RIA Novosti words of Markin.

Earlier, Rosbalt reported that members of the Zakharchenko family were allegedly found several accounts in foreign banks, the amount of deposits on which is about 300 million euros. The official representative of the ICR did not comment on this information, adding that so far there are only 8.5 billion seized rubles.

Cash in different currencies were found in the apartment of the Zakharchenko sister and in his car. The Colonel denies involvement to the money.

Recall that he was arrested for two months by the court. He is accused of Bribe-Taking (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code), and Obstruction of Justice (Art. 294 of the Criminal Code).



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