Aleksandr Khoroshavin contests confiscation of property

Aleksandr Khoroshavin contests confiscation of property
Aleksandr Khoroshavin, the former Sakhalin Governor

Aleksandr Khoroshavin, accused of taking a bribe of 5.6 million dollars, has appealed to the Constitutional Court, as well as to Vladimir Putin, "with the last hope to be heard."

Former Governor of the Sakhalin region Aleksandr Khoroshavin and his family (ex-wife and adult son) have sent a complaint to the Constitutional Court. The ex-official, who is accused of taking a bribe of 5.6 million dollars, wants to challenge the law “On Control of the Correspondence of Expenses of Persons Holding Public Functions (and Other Persons) to their Revenues”, based on which the Prosecutor General's Office has initiated confiscation of Khoroshavin’s property pending investigation. 

As reported by Kommersant, the court secretariat is now considering the complaint received in November. Khoroshavins see the violation of their rights in that the anti-corruption law has been applied to them, which does not comply with the principle of presumption of innocence and the rights of an official suspected in corruption not to incriminate oneself and one’s family.

Let us recall that confiscation of Khoroshavin’s property had occurred on the initiative of the Prosecutor General’s Office. In August 2015, the supervisory authority filed a lawsuit in the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court to withdraw their land plots, a residential house, apartments in Moscow, real estate in the Moscow region, luxury cars, jewelry, etc. 

In their complaint, the applicants point out that the confiscated property had been purchased and declared before the law, based on which it was seized, entered into force. Khoroshavins ask the court to declare the proceedings on the confiscation of the region ex-Governor and his close relatives’ property illegal until convicted and in the absence of the results of departmental control of his property declaration.

In addition, according to Kommersant, along with the appeal to the Constitutional Court, Khoroshavin has sent a letter to Vladimir Putin in the hope "to be heard" and requesting the latter to protect the consideration of his case in the Constitutional Court from the possible impact of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee.

Aleksandr Khoroshavin was arrested on suspicion of bribe-taking in March 2015. He is also accused of creating an organized crime group, members of which used to receive bribes from local businessmen. The investigation is complete; Khoroshavin and his lawyers are currently studying the case materials.



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