After arrest Belykh immediately made his cottage in Moscow suburbs over his ex-wife 

After arrest Belykh immediately made his cottage in Moscow suburbs over his ex-wife
Nikita and Ella Belykhs Photo: RIA Novosti/Yekaterina Chesnokova

Belykh’s marriage to Katrina Reyfert in a pre-trial detention center may be a fiction to distract attention from saving his property.

The former Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh, who was accused of taking bribes, made over the mansion and two plots of land in the Moscow Region over his ex-wife Ella. It is noteworthy that he did it three weeks after his arrest. The goal was to avoid the attachment of all his real estate property within the corruption cases initiated against him, suggest sources of Life.

A month after his arrest on July 17, 2016, over Ella Belykh the house of 800 square meters and two plots of land in the village Nemchinovka in the Moscow Region were made. The cottage is decorated in the Russian folk style: it is timbered and has decorative trims on the windows. The neighbors said that the official had often visited the house.

On October 12, lawyers defended the cottage of Belykh’s ex-spouse Белых нравится деревянное зодчество На окнах узорные наличники
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In addition, the sources said that Belykh’s marriage to Katrina Reyfert during the pre-trial detention may be a smoke-screen. In mid-October after a prolonged scandal, the accused was finally allowed to hold the wedding; however, according the media, Belykh has never actually got married. Probably, the ex-Governor wanted to divert attention from the transfer of assets to his ex-wife.

It is to be noted that today, on November 10, the Basmanny Court of Moscow will consider the petition of the Investigative Committee investigator to attach Belykh’s property accounts, since, on October 12, the Moscow City Court cancelled the earlier attachment and sent the case materials for reconsideration with the new panel of judges. Then, the lawyers were able to defend the property and assured the court that the land in the suburbs is not related to the arrested ex-governor, but belongs to his ex-wife. In addition, the lawyers have defended an apartment in Perm, which Belykh’s parents received in 1973 and the share in which is owned by the defendant. The protection claimed that all of the attached property was acquired long before his appointment to the position, and therefore cannot be the property acquired by criminal means.

It is to be recalled that Nikita Belykh was arrested on June 24 when taking a part a bribe in a Moscow restaurant. According to the investigators, for 400 thousand euros, the Governor patronized the Novovyatsky Lyzhny Kombinat LLC (Novovyatskiy Ski Factory) and the Lesokhozyaystvennaya upravlyayuschaya kompaniya LLC (Forest Management Company) which were under his control. Belykh did not admit his guilt.

The court sanctioned the arrest of the ex-Governor for two months, then, extended it until December 24. On July 28, Vladimir Putin removed Nikita Belykh from the post of the Head of the Region in connection with the loss of confidence.



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