Aeroflot chief pilot fined $3.8k for giving a bribe

Aeroflot chief pilot fined $3.8k for giving a bribe
Anatoly Yakimchuk

Anatoly Yakimchuk offered 50 thousand ($774) to the chairman of the medical board to undergo a medical examination and continue flights.

The Tushino District Court of Moscow found Deputy Head of Aeroflot’s Department of Flights Anatoly Yakimchuk guilty of giving a bribe to an official (part 3 of Art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code) and sentenced him to a fine of 250 thousand rubles ($3.8 thousand), Life reports. The court decided to release Yakimchuk on his own recognizance until the sentence comes into force. 

It was previously reported that 65-year-old Yakimchuk got a bad result in one of the tests when passing the medical commission. He could not continue flying with such results, so he gave a bribe in the amount of 50 thousand rubles to Chairman of the Central Medical and Flight Expert Commission of Civil Aviation, Boris Potievsky. The latter refused to accept money and reported Yakimchuk to law enforcement bodies. 

According to Life, Yakimchuk has made a full confession because his “conscience was bothering” him. 

The money that was intended for Potievsky was kept as evidence in the bribe case. After the sentence comes into force, it will be transferred to the state budget.



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