Accused Trans-Urals MIA ex-Head holds meetings in Russian sauna

Accused Trans-Urals MIA ex-Head holds meetings in Russian sauna
Igor Reshetnikov Photo: / Nikolay Mokrousov

Igor Reshetnikov considered a steam room as the most secure place in terms of information leakage.⁠

Accused of abuse of power, former Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation in Kurgan Igor Reshetnikov was questioned in jail today. Reshetnikov, suspected of illegal use of the building of the rehabilitation center at recreation center Boldintsevo, said that the police used the center for meetings without witnesses.

According to, during the interrogation the former head said that law enforcement officers had one of the criminal groups in the pipeline. In the course of operational and investigative activities it was revealed that the gang members are aware of all plans of the police. Reshetnikov believed that leak took place from his office, and he made a decision to hold important meetings in the rehabilitation center.

"Operational work used a steam bath and particularly a steam room protected in terms of information leakage, where operational meetings were also held", – said Reshetnikov.

A former senior police officer noted that law enforcement officers, including representatives of other departments, held such boards at their own expense. Thus, Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Kurgan region Ilgiz Ilyasov, who was invited to the court as a witness, confirmed that he had been at recreation center Boldintsevo and drank with Reshetnikov.

"If men drink, they always discuss work", – he explained the nature of the meetings.

Igor Reshetnikov could not detail on the second episode of the charges – the situation with the the project of the Dog Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which Art-mosaic company was in charge of. "My deputies dealt with all issues, but there were no problems there – otherwise I would have been told about them," – he argued.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the criminal case against Reshetnikov was brought on the fact of illegal use of the building of the rehabilitation center of the MIA for Kurgan region, located in Ketovsky district at recreation center Boldintsevo. The investigation believes that the police used the recreation center as a country house for the rest of family members and close persons, and not for rehabilitation of law enforcement officers. The Rehabilitation Center is a two-story wooden building. There are 4 sleeping rooms, a swimming pool, billiards room, dressing room and steam bath.

In addition, Reshetnikov is charged with another crime. According to investigators, the former Head of the MIA improperly managed funds allocated within the framework of the State Defense Procurement for the Dog Service Center (DSC). Reshetnikov signed the Work Acceptance Certificate twice – in December 2012 and in August 2013. At the same time he knew that the term of the contract on the preparation of the DSC, concluded with one of the firms of Kurgan, expired, and works on were not completed. As a result, the contractor has received 2 million rubles ($34.4 thousand) for outstanding work.

The next hearing on the criminal case of the former high-ranking police officer is scheduled for March 20. It is expected that oral hearing will take place at it, and Igor Reshetnikov will give his last plea.



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