Accounts with $ 16 million in Zakharchenko's case opened after his arrest

Accounts with $ 16 million in Zakharchenko's case opened after his arrest
Dmitry Zakharchenko Photo: RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky

Investigators have yet to establish the ultimate beneficiary of these accounts.

The accounts of a third party arrested during the investigation of the case against Dmitry Zakharchenko, which contain $ 16 million, have been opened after the MIA Colonel was detained. This was stated by the representative of the prosecution at the hearing of the Moscow City Court, when Zakharchenko's lawyers tried to appeal the detention.

"More than $ 16 million have been found on the account of a third party, which was opened already after Zakharchenko had been arrested. The final beneficiary is being established," Business FM quotes Prosecutor Boris Sokolinsky as saying.

The fact that the investigation had arrested the account of a third party was reported earlier this week. However, interim measures were adopted on November 10. Law enforcers refuse to name the owner of the account, arguing that the case against the MIA Colonel is classified. Moreover, even the investigation does not yet know the name of the final beneficiary.

In court, Dmitry Zakharchenko denied having any connections to the arrested $ 16 million, arguing that "now the accounts of any natural or legal persons can be arrested to put pressure." However, the accused suggested that these could be the accounts of people he barely knew, or his relatives.

It should be noted that during the trial, the investigation insisted on leaving Zakharchenko in custody. Investigators Evgeny Kozhushko and Boris Sokolinsky recalled that during the arrest, the Colonel threw a key from the Acura car into the toilet. Later, investigators found 3 million rubles, 170 thousand dollars, and documents relevant to the case in that very automobile. The Moscow City Court ultimately rejected the motion of defense to place the former police officer under house arrest. Thus Zakharchenko will stay in the Lefortovo jail until March 8, 2017.

Dmitry Zakharchenko was taken into custody in early September. During the searches, law enforcers seized cash in various currencies totaling 8.5 billion rubles. The defendant claimed that the apartment where the money was confiscated belonged to his sister, and that the origin of the money was unknown to him.

In addition, the media reported about several accounts in Swiss banks containing a total of 300 million euro, which had been opened in the name of Zakharchenko's father, Viktor. According to the documents, the 65-year-old retired rural teacher from the Rostov region, Viktor Zakharchenko also owns several real estate items in Spain and Switzerland.

Dmitry Zakharchenko is accused of taking a bribe in the amount of 7 million rubles. In addition, the Colonel is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The case against him is investigated by the ICR Main Investigation Department in Moscow.



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