A key witness told about the ex-governor Yurchenko’s written direction for sale of land

A key witness told about the ex-governor Yurchenko’s written direction for sale of land
Vasily Yurchenko

Yet another witness told about Yurchekno’s personal instruction to sell the land in the center of Novosibirsk, without the auction at a lower price.

One of the key prosecution witnesses, the ex-director of "Gaztranskom" LLC Pavel Sharapov told the court that Vasily Yurchenko gave private written order for the sale of a plot of land of "Taktika" LLC without auction at the price of 2009, which is not more than 20 million rubles. The land with an old two-story wooden building of the venereal diseases dispensary was in Gaztranskom’s use. Here, the regional authorities were planning to build a five-star hotel.

"It was impossible to ignore Yurchenko’s order, since he was an authoritative leader",  said Sharapov in the court and explained that the non-performance would have resulted in his dismissal. At the same time, the witness said he knew about the position of the Department of Property and Land Relations (DIZO) of the Region, which, according to Sharapov, insisted on holding the auction.

In addition, as reported by TASS, the head of DIZO Oleg Gallyamov was aware about the given instruction. However, the auction procedure has been suspended, the direct contract with "Taktika" was concluded.

Earlier, of Yurchenko’s personal instruction on the cancellation of the auction Gallyamov himself and the former Deputy Governor Vladimir Anisimov also witnessed in the court. In the near future, another ex-governor Victor Tolokonskiy will also be witnessing.

It is to be recalled that, the ex-governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vasily Yurchenko is accused of abuse of office (part 2, Article 286 of the Russian Criminal Code) in the sale of land in the center of Novosibirsk, which is owned by a company previously controlled by Sharapov. The real value of the disputed plot of land, according to the investigation, was 1.5-2 times higher.

Yurchenko was dismissed by the President on March 18th, 2014 in connection with the loss of confidence. The ex-authority was investigated in relation to two criminal cases for abuse of power, but none of them reached the trial.



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