9 years for Chebarkul former Vice-Mayor, friend of Turbazovskie OCG

9 years for Chebarkul former Vice-Mayor, friend of Turbazovskie OCG
Alexey Safonov

The ex-official was found guilty of taking especially large bribes.

Former Vice-Mayor of Chebarkul Alexey Safonov is sentenced to 9 years in a strict regime colony and 11 million rubles ($194.500) in fine. The Miass City Court found the ex-official guilty in receiving large and especially large bribes. This is written by Ura.ru.

According to the investigation, Safonov regularly provided businessmen with patronage in obtaining municipal contracts for a fee. Over the period from 2010 to 2012, he received bribes for a total of three million rubles ($53.100). The testimony against the Deputy Mayor was given by head of PEK Teplosnabzhenie LLC Evgeny Lebedev.

On two other charges, Safonov was acquitted: the bribery of Chelyabinsk Region's Ombudsman in the housing and communal services sector Anatoly Vershinin was not proved, and the limitations upon abuse of official powers expired.

This conviction will be the fourth for Safonov. Previously, he was known as the gray cardinal of the resort city in the South Urals; he has ties with Turbazovskie OCG. According to operational information, Safonov has connections not only with Turbazovskie, but also with Chelyabinsk OCG of Makhonin. In 2014, the former Vice-Mayor tried to sue Ura.ru, but the court took the side of the edition.

After that, Safonov became a figurant of several criminal cases on receiving bribes. After the first accusation, Safonov was released on bail of one million rubles ($17.700), and a few months later was again arrested while trying to bribe communal ombudsman Anatoly Vershinin. The lawyer said that Safonov asked him to speak on behalf of the organization of the Vice-Mayor's wife, Miass Management Company, in conflict with the city administration. At the same Safonov promised a reward of 30 thousand rubles ($530). Vershinin told about this proposal to the law enforcement agencies, after which the moment of the bribe transfer was controlled by the police. Thus, the Vice-Mayor was caught red-handed. It is noteworthy that instead of promised 30 thousand rubles, the official transferred only 10 thousand rubles.



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