$500.000 for Italianets’ freedom: chain of events reconstructed with Maksimenko as ultimate receiver

$500.000 for Italianets’ freedom: chain of events reconstructed with Maksimenko as ultimate receiver
Mikhail Maksimenko, head of the Main Directorate for Interdepartmental Cooperation and Security of the Investigative Committee

According to the version of the FSB, Mikhail Maksimenko was the ultimate receiver of the bribe, while all the others acted as intermediaries. Shakro Molodoy is said to have nothing to do with the bribe at all.

The FSB has reconstructed the chain of events on the day of cash handover for the release of the criminal lord Andrei Kochyukov (Italianets) from the pre-trial detention center. As a source of Rosbalt stated, the bribe’s worth was $500.000, part of which then had to be distributed among the intermediaries. Based on the evidence pieced together and confessions obtained, the picture proves to be as follows. After Italianets was arrested for extortion and hooliganism in the Elements restaurant, a certain lawyer addressed Yevgeny Surzhikov, a former MIA employee and presumably Shakro Molodoy’s security chief. He knew Surzhikov was a fixer, i.e. a person able to settle any issue with the law enforcement agencies.

The ex-policeman had a meeting with the man who introduced himself as a lawyer named Oleg in Novinsky Passazh restaurant in Moscow. He asked to find the right people in the Investigative Committee that would agree to amend Italianets’s charges replacing them with non-custodial ones. Surzhikov then turned to his former subordinate in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Bogorodetsky, who by that time was with the Investigative Committee. Bogorodetsky passed the offer to his boss Alexander Lamonov, deputy head of the Main Directorate for Interdepartmental Cooperation and Security of the Investigative Committee, and the latter turned to Mikhail Maksimenko. The ultimate receiver weighed all the pros and cons and named the amount, $500.000, which would be sufficient for the service. The figure was passed through the same chain of people and returned to Oleg. Two days later the lawyer met with Surzhikov again, in the same restaurant, and handed over the amount he had required in a box.

The same scheme was used to pass the money box to Maksimenko, who took $100.000 and gave it back to Lamonov, who was to distribute the rest of the money among the intermediaries. Denis Nikandrov, first Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Department for Moscow assures the investigators that he was given the order to amend the charge to Andrei Kochuykov from Maksimenko and no money was offered to him since he was Maksimenko’s subordinate and could not disobey him.

The mysterious bribe-taker Oleg turned himself in just recently, and turned out to be Oleg Sheykhametov, a businessman. He said that he had been friends with Italianets for a long time and wanted to help him out. He even brought parcels to Kochuykov and supported his family financially.

The co-owner of Yakitoria restaurant chain is no longer prosecuted because he turned himself in. Surzhikov and Bogorodetsky were also released after they had agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Denis Nikandrov, who abused his authority for free, is also preparing for a minimum penalty for his active cooperation with the investigators.

The newly revealed scenario seems to exclude the thief in law Shakro Molodoy from the picture. He will remain charged with extortion and creation of a criminal enterprise. Now Mikhail Maksimenko is believed to be the key person in the crime and is also going to be charged with other bribery offences involving other businessmen. In addition, the FSB suspects that Italianets’ release was supposed to be only the beginning. An audio footage of the negotiations between Lamonov and Maskimenko mentioned 5 million euros that could be paid if all the charges against the criminal boss would be dropped completely.



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