$200k in Bosco sack. ICR General Drymanov may face trial in Shakro Molodoy's bribery case

$200k in Bosco sack. ICR General Drymanov may face trial in Shakro Molodoy's bribery case
Aleksandr Drymanov

Denis Nikandrov, a former deputy head of the ICR Main Moscow Office of Investigations, entered a plea deal and testified against his former superior.

Aleksandr Drymanov, a former head of the ICR Main Moscow Office of Investigations and a Major General of Justice, could be charged with taking a bribe from crime lord Zakhary Kalashov aka Shakro Molodoy, Rosbalt quoted police sources as saying.

Drymanov is a suspect in the bribery investigation against several high-ranking ICR officials. They were paid to release crime lord Andrey Kochuykov aka Italyanets, a henchman of Zakhary Kalashov. 

The police began investigating Drymanov after Mikhail Maksimenko, a former head of the ICR Interdepartmental Interaction and Internal Affairs Department, Aleksandr Lamonov, Maksimenko's deputy, and Denis Nikandrov, a former deputy head of the ICR Main Moscow Office of Investigations, mentioned him in their testimony. He was regularly mentioned during court hearings. However, he did not have anything to do with the trial until now. 

Drymanov filed in his resignation papers on May 30, 2018. He claimed he wanted to resign due to age. This happened after the FSB made several attempts to prosecute Drymanov for concealing bribery. However, Alexander Bastrykin, the ICR head, blocked them.

He will retire after his vacation is over, Interfax reported on July 13. Andrey Strizhov, the deputy head of the ICR Main Office of Investigations, took over this job for the time being.

For a while, police sources speculated the retirement could be the price for Drymanov's freedom. However, the FSB “gathered so much evidence against Drymanov, including audio recordings and witness testimony, that it is impossible to turn a blind eye to what he did,” according to Rosbalt's source.

Investigators gathered evidence that Maksimenko, Drymanov, Nikandrov, and Kramarenko, the head of the Office of Investigations in the Central Administrative District of the ICR Main Moscow Office of Investigations, took a bribe from Dmitry Smychkovsky for releasing Andrey Kochuykov from jail in March 2016. 

Denis Nikandrov, a former subordinate of Drymanov, detailed how his former superior gave orders meant to dismantle the case against Kochuykov for $1m Zakhary Kalashov had promised him. Nikandrov was also promised a part of the money.

“There was a blag plastic bag on the couch in the room; it was full of US dollars. Drymanov A. A. took a sack with the Bosco logo on it and began transferring the money inside of it. He then asked me to stand by the door to make sure no one saw him. Drymanov finally was done and handed me the sack with the money,” Nikandrov told investigators.

He also said he asked his superior who was also involved. Drymanov told him the money was to be shared among him, Drymanov, Mikhail Maksimenko, and Dmitry Smychkovsky. When Nikandrov asked about Lamonov's case, Drymanov said he knew nothing about it and suggested he asked Maksimenko.

Drymanov may be prosecuted right after Mikhail Maksimenko is sentenced, especially considering that Drymanov will lose his legal protection once he is retired.

However, it may not be that easy even despite Drymanov not having Bastrykin's backing after his retirement. Drymanov is going to become an attorney once retired, Kommersant reported last week. He is going to get hired by the Volgograd Region Lawyers Chamber; he had had friends working there since his student days. Being a lawyer will allow him to acquire some legal protection and be prosecutable only by the ICR and not the FSB.



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