1872 pits for 18 posts: how budget money was counted in Saratov

1872 pits for 18 posts: how budget money was counted in Saratov
Improved boulevard in Saratov

The contractor has illegally obtained $ 120,000.

In Saratov, the Chamber of Control and Accounts uncovered an unjustified waste of 8 million rubles ($ 120,000) in the administrations of the Oktyabrsky and Frunzensky districts when paying for street improvement works. For example, for 18 light-posts, they ordered to dig 1872 pits, overpaying 460,000 rubles ($ 7,000).

According to the regional publication Chetvyortaya Vlast, in 2017, the district administrations concluded contracts for the improvement of the boulevard on the Rakhova Street with the Kazan company Volgadorstroy LLC without a contest. At the same time, the contracts did not specify the volumes, types and other characteristics of the final works. As a result, part of the money was spent on unclear purposes, and part of the work was ordered unreasonably.

The contractor laid the tactile tile of a smaller size, because of which the pavement came out a half to two times of the agreed, but the contractor received for it all the 270,000 rubles ($ 4,000) indicated in the contract. Similarly, the company slacked on the walking paths for dogs and bicycle tracks. Playgrounds were allegedly covered with more expensive material, the number of benches, road signs and small architectural items were cut by 1.7 million rubles ($ 25,500), and road markings were made with ordinary paint instead of thermoplastic. The auditors also found “additional work and equipment,” which were not provided for in the contract, but cost almost 6 million rubles ($ 90,000).

The audit materials were forwarded to the regional prosecutor’s office “in order to bring the perpetrators to administrative responsibility and initiate proceedings”.



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