$15.2m wasted on nonexistent pipes

$15.2m wasted on nonexistent pipes
Tragedy spot Photo: ProVolsk

The incident occurred in the city of Volsk.

On November 19, a section of the road collapsed in Volsk, Saratov. According to local media, the roadway was first washed out by sewage, and then it just fell below ground.

The failure made it possible to detect the loss of sewage pipes, on which more than a billion rubles have been allocated since 2002.

Referring to eyewitnesses, the ProVolsk portal reports that a water fountain gashed then part of the road collapsed. Before that, the workers started running water pumps to test the collector, but there were no pipes under the ground.

However, as the newspaper notes, the sewage runoff in the city has been acute for a long time and requires a systematic solution. Over the past few years, the authorities have spent about a billion rubles for these purposes, but they have not achieved results.

The head of the Volsky District, Vitaly Matveev, explained that various contractors were involved in the construction of the sewage system. Therefore it is “difficult to understand” who is responsible for the accident. According to the newspaper, the last contractor was Sartekhstroyinvest, related to prominent United Russia party Saratov deputy Alexey Berezovsky.



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