Why Ramzan Kadyrov's ex-adviser suspected of several killings freely moves around Chechnya? 

Why Ramzan Kadyrov's ex-adviser suspected of several killings freely moves around Chechnya?
Shaa Turlaev and Ramzan Kadyrov

The former Adviser to Ramzan Kadyrov and ex-Security Chief of Aslan Maskhadov, who was declared wanted on suspicions of orchestrating several murders and attempted murders, is quietly living in Chechnya. Despite being wanted, he even takes part in meetings at the residence of the republic Head and "serves as an example of great repentance and courage".

On March 24, a video of Ramzan Kadyrov's meeting with former militants who favored split from Russia, depicted the person involved in high-profile criminal cases on an attempt on Isa Yamadaev and Khasavyurt Mayor Saygidpashi Umakhanov, Shaa Turlaev. He is also tied to the murder of State Duma deputy Ruslan Yamadaev in 2008, as well as the killing of a former security guard of Kadyrov, Umar Israilov, in 2010.

Turlaev, who once was the Security Chief of the former President of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Aslan Maskhadov, has been on the wanted list since 2010. Notably, in the materials of Yamadaev’s case Turlaev appears as a wanted person, and the investigation itself was officially suspended because of a search for him.

Rosbalt, citing a source familiar with the situation, explains how presence of the person wanted for organizing a series of murders and attempts at the meeting with Kadyrov's participation in his residence in the village of Benoy was made possible.


Screenshot from the video published by Ramzan Kadyrov

The interlocutor of the agency says the "catch" is that Turlaev was put only on the federal wanted list, with no measure of restraint chosen. Therefore Turlaev is in fact in the republic all these eight years, he even visits the place of registration. According to sources, Turlaev could be often met in Chechnya during this period. Moreover, he also mixed with other fugitives, for example, with former Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Chechen leader to Ukraine Ramzan Tsitsulaev, who was also wanted and has recently been detained and deported to Russia while trying to go to Ukraine to visit his family.


Ramzan Kadyrov and Ramzan Tsitsulaev

Requests demanding to detain Turlaev before the arrival of the operative group from Moscow came to Chechnya back in March 2010, the source said, but remained unanswered. Later Chechen security officials explained to colleagues from the federal center that they had not detained Turlaev, who lived in Chechnya, because a preventive measure was not prescribed for him. Operatives from Moscow, who technically could do this, according to the source, did not attempt to detain Turlaev.

According to Novaya Gazeta, the investigative activities against Turlaev were last conducted in 2014 in the case on an attempt on Umakhanov. According to witness testimony, it was Turlaev who gave the killers a sniper rifle and a large sum of money necessary for the operation. Then the investigation could not establish his whereabouts, although, according to the newspaper, he lived at this time in Gudermes and did not change his address for several years.

Meanwhile, the official Chechen authorities also reacted to the appearance of Turlaev in the frame at the event with the participation of the Head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Dzhambulat Umarov, Minister for National Politics, External Relations, Press and Information of the Chechen Republic, angrily called the information of Novaya Gazeta about the participation of the wanted man in the meeting in Benoy "dishonest baiting". He noted that Turlaev was not convicted on charges of organizing the murders, and "nobody canceled the presumption of innocence". Umarov also said that "the man at one time stopped fighting, returned to peaceful life, calls on young people not to succumb to the propaganda of terrorists" and can serve as an example of "great repentance and courage".

To recap, in addition to Turlaev, the streets of Chechen cities may witness other wanted fugitives. It is known that Chechnya houses former silovik Ruslan Haydarkhanov, who is charged with the loud murder of the Vice Principal of the Modern University for the Humanities, Ruslan Akhtakhanov.

According to operative data, the defendants of the case on the murder of Boris Nemtsov - Ruslan Geremeev and Ruslan Mukhudinov are also in Chechnya. Rosbalt reports Geremeev can also be seen at dinner parties at Kadyrov's residence in the village of Benoy, where Shaa Turlaev was spotted a few days ago.



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