Vladimir Tyurin: "There was no motive for killing Voronenkov"

Vladimir Tyurin: "There was no motive for killing Voronenkov"
Maria Maksakova and Vladimir Tyurin Photo: Kommersant

The Investigative Committee has interrogated former common-law husband of Maria Maksakova, thief in law, and businessman Vladimir Tyurin aka Tyurik, whom the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine accuses of orchestrating the murder of ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov. Tyurin himself appeared before the ICR Main Investigations Directorate after Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko called him the mastermind of the crime at a briefing.

Businessman Vladimir Tyurin, also known in the criminal world as thief in law Tyurik, told the Russian investigators that he had had no motive for killing Voronenkov, Kommersant reports.

Vladimir Tyurin is a witness in the case of murder of fugitive ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov, which took place on March 23 in Kiev. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office, which is conducting its own investigation into the official's murder, called Tyurin the assassination's paymaster, noting the indisputable evidence for this charge. According to the Ukrainian law enforcers, Tyurin had ordered the hit for two reasons – because he had a personal motive as the former common-law husband of Maria Maksakova, and because he had been allegedly asked to do so by the FSB. Voronenkov's widow Maria Maksakova strongly believes this version, which she has recently confirmed to the Ukrainian television. According to her, "Tyurin had his cake and ate it."

As noted by Kommersant, Tyurin voluntarily came to the ICR Main Investigations Directorate after the statement of Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko about Tyurin's involvement in the high-profile murder.

Tyurin told the ICR investigators that he did not feel any hostility or jealousy towards Voronenkov, as he and Maria Maksakova had broken up several years before she started dating the deputy from the Communist Party.

According to Tyurin, he has never met Voronenkov, although Maksakova had earlier said that they had even talked on the phone about two common children of hers and Tyurin. Voronenkov and Tyurin's business paths have never crossed, according to the latter. Therefore, they had not had any conflicts. In addition, Tyurin denies any links with Russian special services, the publication notes, and has absolutely no idea as for the reasons for Voronenkov's murder. Tyurik said the accusations of the Ukrainian side are ridiculous.

At the interrogation, Vladimir Tyurin also stressed that he would not have benefited from Voronenkov's death. Moreover, the fact that his name is hyped due to the allegations brings him a lot of problems, since the businessman does not lead a secular lifestyle, preferring to do his business without excessive publicity.

It is noteworthy that the thieves in law, to whom Tyurik, crowned in 1993 by the legends of the criminal world Yaponchik, Shakro Molodoy, and Ded Khasan, belongs, do not welcome publicity.

Meanwhile, citing informed sources, Kommersant notes that the ICR Main Investigations Directorate's investigative team in charge of Voronenkov's murder case works out various leads of the motives of the crime. Most of them are related to the business conflicts of the deputy, who used to lease and sell non-residential premises, as well as resolve conflicts due to the division of property belonging to him. The ICR Main Investigations Directorate has questioned about 50 friends, relatives, and business partners of Denis Voronenkov as part of this case.



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