Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin about his verdict: they will never set me free

Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin about his verdict: they will never set me free
Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin, 2005 Photo: Interpress / TASS

The night governor of St. Petersburg quoted Akhmatova in his letter to the MK.

The court sentenced the night Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin to 23 years in prison. This is his third sentence. Barsukov himself is confident that the law enforcement system will not allow him to get out of the pre-trial detention center at all. He, of course, does not admit his guilt (accused of attempted murder of a partner, before that - in the raider attacks and even murder of Galina Starovoitova).

A few weeks ago, when there was a scandal with the arrest of the ICR senior officials, Barsukov-Kumarin sent to the editor of MK a letter from the pre-trial detention center. In a short story about his situation, he even managed to include a quote from Akhmatova.

- I have not seen stars or sky for 9 years already. Having put me behind the bars, they deprived me of sunrises and sunsets, all that everyone has and that very few people really appreciate...

With these words, Barsukov-Kumarin, whose name many people associate with the film Gangster Petersburg, met human rights defenders in jail not once. All this time, he has been held in the famous prison №1, known as the Kremlin Central in the chamber 610. Barsukov-Kumarin does not have a criminal appearance, although originally he was positioned as a leader of the Tambov criminal group. He is the thin elderly man without an arm with a simple smile and a soft voice. His cellmates (current and former) talk about his amazing devotion: he does not miss a single fastening, gets up and goes to sleep with a prayer. Thanks to him, even the most notorious gangsters, who happened to be with him for a while, came to the faith.

- Generally, if one wants to describe Kumarin in one word, that word would be humility, - said his former cellmate, Ivan Mironov. – He has long been totally resigned to his fate. It was the first time I saw a man who lives the spirit. He has a disability of the 1st category, a bullet in the heart ... Every day is a fight for life for him. And he just shines with enthusiasm, cheerfulness.

"I would gladly go to the colony, where you can walk in the fresh air and see the sky", says Barsukov. - "But from the very closed pre-trial detention center in this country I'm not ever going to be released. After all, they even refused to judge me in St. Petersburg. As a result, the jury was taken from there to Moscow. It is the most wasteful litigation. And they refused to take me to St. Petersburg ostensibly for security reasons. Then, they changed the medical certificate from the Institute of Urology saying that I can be transferred with another one, prohibiting it " (the original of the paper is in the disposal of the editors - author's note.).

For the first case related to the raids Kumarin got 15 years of imprisonment. For the second case – related to the attempt at co-owner of Petersburg Oil Terminal Sergei Vasiliev - in 2014, the jury justified him (after the lawyers provided evidence that the incriminating evidence against Barsukov were paid). But the decision was later overturned. A new jury found him guilty.

- Apart from that, they accused me of Starovoitova's murder, and even the relatives of the victims did not believe in this - says Kumarin. - I think more and more new charges in various crimes against me will emerge. What is the reason for that? You should read my biography, conflicts with the prosecutor's office, etc.

Already after the detention of the ICR officials Dennis Nikandrov and Mikhail Maksimenko, the prisoner Barsukov-Kumarin sent a letter to the MK Editor. Here are the lines from it: "The one who was behind my arrest in August 2007, Maksimenko, is arrested now. It closes the circle, everything comes true and repeats itself...Just as Akhmatova said. "Two Russias look into each other’s eyes: the one that put in prison, and one that serves time in it." And it’s "not the time that passes. Instead of that, we go through time...”

To the verdict which was announced yesterday by the St. Petersburg City Court Barsukov-Kumarin reacted only a slight smile.



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