Video: brutal murder of former Moscow official 

Video: brutal murder of former Moscow official
The attack Photo: Still from the video

The killer stabbed the woman.

A CCTV video showing the brutal murder of 57-year-old Karina Vartanova, ex-employee of the Krylatskoe and Fili-Davydkovo districts, has appeared online.

It shows a man wearing a hoodie approaching the woman on a deserted street. He stabbed her in the back, then turned her around, and hit her with a knife in the heart. The woman did not have a chance to resist. After that, the man dealt a few more erratic blows and quickly left; Vartanova stood on her feet for a while. 

It is known that Karina Vartanova had recently headed the Detskiy Palliativ Charitable Foundation (‘Children's Palliative’).

Video: Killer kills 57-year-old woman on Kutuzovsky Avenue, Moscow

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