Vicious circle: Temur Matua re-convicted after acquittal

Vicious circle: Temur Matua re-convicted after acquittal
Temur Matua

The court and the investigation can not put an end to the scandalous murders of Sochi businessmen for seven years.

The law enforcement agencies of Krasnodar Krai issued a federal wanted warrant against Temur Matua, a defendant in the case on the contract killing of Sochi businessmen Timur Mamuliya and Eduard Kagosyan, again. The last victim was once included in the inner circle of thief in law Aslan Usoyan, nicknamed Ded Hasan.

Earlier, in January of this year, the jury handed returned a verdict on the liberation of Matua. In this regard, he probably decided to escape without appearing at the court sessions anymore, and did not even appear before the Supreme Court for consideration of the appellate representation of the prosecutor's office. Meanwhile, on May 18 prosecutors managed to obtain the cancellation of the acquittal in the Supreme Court and return the case for a new trial to the Krasnodar Regional Court.

The Krasnodar Court in turn arrested Matua in absentia and suspended the trial of the case against the accused before he was wanted. Notably, previously the man was issued an international arrest warrant in 2012, immediately after committing another crime. Temur Matua was detained and extradited from Latvia only in 2015.

In the near future, the jury will consider the case of another defendant in the case on the murder of entrepreneurs – Denis Murdalov, who was not released from custody after acquittal, as he is serving time under another sentence. Another defendant in the case is Pyotr Pinchuk, who was extradited from Greece in the summer of 2016. The case against him is still at the investigation stage.

According to investigators, in October 2010 hired killers shot 31-year-old large businessman Eduard Kagosyan, with the nickname Karas, at Sochi cafe Aqua House. According to some reports, the victim was a mafia enforcer in Sochi for the restaurants that belonged to Ded Hasan.

Another murder was committed by the accused in March 2012 in the same café Aqua House. Then a friend and relative of Kagosyan, killed two years earlier, Timur Mamuliya, became the victim of the criminals. Mamuliya's body was riddled with two dozen bullets.

The investigators believe that the perpetrators of the murders were Denis Murdalov and Pyotr Pinchuk (who is also the organizer of the crimes), Temur Matua helped to acquire transport for the killers, monitored the victims and picked up the criminals from the crime scene.



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