Version of Saratov karate coach’s contract killing was sounded at trial

Version of Saratov karate coach’s contract killing was sounded at trial
Murdered karate coach Azamat Normanov

In the Saratov Regional Court, the first hearing on the case of murder of a karate coach Azamat Normanova took place.

During the interrogation, one of the victims and the brother of the victim Rovshan Narimanov, while answering the questions of the prosecutor Olga Chernova said that, in his opinion, the cause of the tragedy could be a contract murder.

"It was certainly not because of the children. Knowing Karimov, for the sake of the children, he would do such a thing. Maybe, the murderer was hired. It is definitely for money. This man is a loser. Envious coward ", said Rovshan Narimanov. According to him, the daughter of a killer Veronica Kerimova interested the trainer only as an athlete.

It is to be recalled that, as previously reported by the Crime Russia, the tragedy in the Saratov school of karate Olimp-99 took place on November 30 last year. Then, a man armed with a gun broke into the gymnasium during the class, and in full view of the children shot the karate coach Azamat Normanov. Also the brothers of the victim, the coach Rovshan Narimanov and Ruslan Mazhidov, were wounded. After the offense, 45-year-old Rasim Karimov came himself to the police to confess. He explained that the coach used physical violence against his 18-year-old daughter, who was engaged in a sports school. The last time the daughter came after the training with a black eye. It is noteworthy that the murderer himself worked as a karate instructor in the sports school and resigned a year before the tragedy.

"Her father was neither involved, nor interested in her, he never came to training sessions, was not interested in what she was doing. When Karimov left the family, Azamat Normanov gave her a scholarship. But he said that she has to work hard during the training. Veronica’s mother had a difficult life, he wanted to help", said Rovshan Narimanov.

During the preliminary investigation, the law enforcement agencies have done a great job. Materials of the investigation include 9 volumes. Now, they are to be examined in the court.



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