Trial jury acquits ‘killer’ Khasaev authorities of Chechnya ‘fought’ for

Trial jury acquits ‘killer’ Khasaev authorities of Chechnya ‘fought’ for
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Movsur Khasaev had been accused of shooting of an Armenian ‘authority’ Ashot Arutyunyan in Yekaterinburg in spring, 2011.

Sverdlovsk regional court’s trial jury have found a ‘Chechen killer’ Movsur Khasaev unguilty of murder of an ‘authority’ Ashot Arutyunyan in 2011, reports Khasaev was released in the courtroom. The verdict is expected to be delivered on May 30.

Khasaev was detained in January, 2018 in Argun. He was taken to the Urals from there. The investigation theory is that the ‘Chechen killer’ was paid for the murder of Arutyunyan. In May, 2011, he allegedly shot the businessman in the yard of a house on Yekaterinburg’s Belinsky street when the latter got out of his car. With that, Arutyunyan’s guards ran away and hid in the basement.

From the very beginning, Khasaev’s defense team insisted that their client was innocent. In particular, it was noted that his one leg is shorter than another from a childhood trauma and he can’t run. The case file stated that he had ran away from the scene.

Chechen law-enforcers demanded Khasaev’s release, as well. Yekaterinburg law-enforcers were reported to have received offers to release him ‘quietly’ and send them another person in exchange who would make a confession statement and serve the term. Khasaev’s case was under Ramzan Kadyrov’s personal control. He had 3 lawyers. In the middle of May, a friend and a lawyer of the head of Chechnya joined them.



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