Jury acquitted former criminal investigator of Chechnya's FSB, accused of organizing contract murder of businessman

Jury  acquitted former criminal investigator of Chechnya's FSB, accused of organizing contract murder of businessman

Arbi Aleroev and his alleged accomplices, Islam Nalgiev and Ivan Zamuruev, have been unanimously acquitted and granted the right to rehabilitation.

The jury have unanimously acquitted former criminal investigator of the Federal Security Service Directorate in Chechnya, Arbi Aleroev, and two of his alleged accomplices, Islam Nalgiev and Ivan Zamuruev, who were charged with Preparation of a Murder for Hire as Part of an Organized Group (part 1 of Art. 30, item ‘g’ and ‘h’ part 2 of Art. 105), and Illegal Purchase of Weapons (part 3 of Art. 222). This is reported by Kommersant. The former defendants were released in the courtroom and got the right to rehabilitation. 

The case of preparation for the murder of Voronezh businessman Kirill Kornev was considered by the Savelovsky District Court of Moscow. It reached court in late 2018 on the second attempt. In spring of the same year, it was returned to the Prosecutor's Office due to violations of the initiation procedure. 

According to the ICR, in late May 2016, an unidentified man contacted Islam Nalgiev with the proposal to organize the murder of Kornev for a reward in the amount of "at least $30 thousand.” The main assets of the Voronezh entrepreneur are the aluminum structure plant LightConstruction, the DataPort data center, as well as several companies in Moscow and the Black Soil Region. He became known after the protracted conflict between the owners of Prominvest industrial park, which used to be the Voronezh aluminum plant.

The investigation believes that Nalgiev agreed to the proposal and told his friend Ivan Zamuruev about his plans. In turn, the latter contacted former criminal investigator of the Federal Security Service Directorate in Chechnya, Arbi Aleroev, who was released from active duty due to disciplinary offense in 2012. According to the investigation, the accomplices planned to shot Kornev on Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan Street when the latter would be returning from work in his Mercedes. The defendants decided that it would be most convenient to do it in a traffic flow, so they asked a motorcyclist, a certain M. Prokhorov, to help them. After they told him their plans, the motorcyclist turned to the police. All further preparations for the attempt were under the control of operatives. 

According to the indictment, Aleroev and Prokhorov followed Kornev, recording his route from home to work and back. The accomplices bought a Kawasaki motorcycle, ammunition, and mobile phones for communication. In addition, they prepared a spot in the forest belt not far from the Karamyshevskaya Plotina stop, where they intended to bury their weapons and burn outer clothing after committing the murder. For the attack, Nalgiev prepared a 1976 Makarov pistol with a homemade silencer, as well as cartridges to it. 

On June 14, 2016, Prokhorov followed Kornev to his work place and informed Aleroev with the wording they had agreed: "We need to meet." After that, he met with the ex-moliceman and, together with him, waited for a businessman on Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan street, where both were detained by the operatives of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Immediately after the detention, Aleroev gave detailed confessions. However, he subsequently refused to sign a record of interrogation, stating that it does not correspond to his words. Aleroev began to assure investigators that he had no aim to kill Kornev, just scare him. He was allegedly expected to break the glass of the car, point the gun at the businessman and say: “Next time, it will be different,” and then shoot the front wheel of the car.

The investigation has not established the reason for preparation of an attempt on Kornev. The identity of the customer is also unknown. Zamuraev testified that he had met with Nalgiev and a certain Pavel, who was talking about a businessman who they needed to “scare” without causing much harm to his health. Kornev himself suspected of preparing an assassination of his business partner, with whom he had a conflict because of the division of assets. Nalgiev allegedly helped him to collect debts. The investigators did not find confirmation of this version. Nalgiev refused to cooperate with the investigation and give any evidence, but asked for the jury at the trial.

In court, the state prosecution could not convince the jury that preparation of the murder had taken place. All three defendants were acquitted unanimously. They got the right to rehabilitation. Islam Nalgiev was acquitted of illegal possession of weapons. Zamuruev and Aleroev were found guilty of this episode and were sentenced to two years and seven months in a penal colony. Kornev’s lawyer found the jury’s verdict a “real shock”.

“If you want to “scare” someone, you do not need to buy combat weapons, a motorcycle, there is no need to prepare to burn your clothes - you just need to knock on the glass with a toy gun. Moreover, there is no need to attract a lieutenant colonel of the FSB in this,” said attorney Mikhail Rastashansky. Aleroev’s defender Abusupyan Gaitayev, in turn, thanked the jury.



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