Telman Ismailov’s brother ordered a hit on former business partner

Telman Ismailov’s brother ordered a hit on former business partner
Rafik Ismailov Photo: Life

Rafik Ismailov has been arrested on suspicion of contract murder of a Moscow businessman.

Members of the Ismailovs clan have been implicated in a case of contract murder. Brother of oligarch and former Cherkizovsky market owner Telman Ismailov, Rafik Ismailov is suspected of organizing assassination of a businessman.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, on May 15 this year, a SUV Toyota Land Cruiser with the bodies of two men with gunshot wounds to heads was found on Novorizhskoe highway near Moscow. The victims were 55-year-old Moscow businessman, the owner of Stroy-Market Shopping Center Vladimir Savkin and his friend, the CEO of Lyublino-Motors Yury Brilev. Thanks to videos from the nearest gas station and analysis of telephone calls, operatives were able to identify and detain the killer. Turns out it was 57-year-old Zvenigorod businessman Mekhman Kerimov.

According to the suspect, the motive for murder was Savkin’s debt. Allegedly, the Stroy-Market owner had indebted to Mekhman Kerimov a tidy sum of money that the killer planned to use for the payment of his loan in the amount of 536 thousand dollars to Raiffeisen Bank. However, the suspect could not provide evidence confirming the existence of Savkin’s debt.

Investigators have found that Kerimov used to be closely associated with the Ismailovs clan. Thus, it has turned out that the suspect in the murder had been hiding from security officials in a Moscow apartment of a former officer of the MIA Main Criminal Investigation Department Vagif Ismailov, a brother of Telman Ismailov. Moreover, Kerimov got into Savkin’s car at BP gas station on Novorizhskoe highway, where he had been driven up on a Mercedes by Telman’s another brother, Rafik Ismailov.

As Life’s sources in law enforcement bodies report, Rafik Ismailov and Vladimir Savkin used to be co-owners of a large mall in Moscow. Ismailov had sold the business for 10 million dollars, however, he had no intention to pay half of the share to Savkin. The businessman had repeatedly tried to collect the debt. According to investigation, Kerimov would meet with victims as Ismailov’s intermediary, for whom the murder of his former business partner was profitable.

In addition, billing data has shown that at the time of the killing, Mekhman Kerimov called up Rafik Ismailov, who was in his Mercedes parked nearby (according to investigators), several times.

Two days after the murder, on May 18, operatives arrested Rafik Ismailov on suspicion of involvement in the contract killing, but for some reason, he was released after a short time.

“Then, the Investigative Committee Department in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region did not find any grounds for the arrest of Rafik Ismailov and released him,” a source in the security services told Life.

It was possible to arrest Rafik Ismailov’s brother only after a few months, when investigators of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Moscow region took up the case. However, even the Investigations Directorate now hardly proceeds with the case, and there is every reason for this: the Telman-Ismailov clan has money and powerful patrons. 

The MIA Main Investigations Directorate in the Moscow region has indicted Rafik Ismailov and his accomplice Mekhman Kerimov under Murder of Two or More Persons. He faces a life-term penalty.

It should be noted that, despite justifying the Ismailovs clan in every way, Kerimov has confessed to killing the businessmen. Rafik Ismailov himself flatly denies his guilt, but acknowledges that he was present at the meeting of the killer and the victims at the gas station. 



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