Telman Ismailov mentioned in investigation of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s murder 

Telman Ismailov mentioned in investigation of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s murder
Telman Ismailov

Former Cherkizovsky Market owner fled from the Russian police to his Turkish villa. However, the local police also had questions for him.

Telman Ismailov is allegedly responsible for killing two businessmen. According to the CrimeRussia, he has fled to Turkey. The entrepreneur wanted to hide there from the Russian police. However, the Turkish police also had questions for him. Telman Ismailov is mentioned in a high-profile Turkish investigation of crime lord Rovshan Dzhaniev’s (aka Rovshan Lenkoransky) murder, according to the CrimeRussia’s sources.

Ismailov is hiding at his Antalya villa near the luxurious Mardan Palace Hotel he used to own. However, the Turkish police are going to inconvenience him; they are investigating Rovshan Lenkoransky’s murder. The crime lord was shot dead in 2016 in Istanbul. To recall, the crime has not yet been solved officially despite crime lord Rashad Ismailov aka Rashad Gyandzhinsky announcing it was him who had contracted the hit. He informed the criminal community about that in January 2017. Rashad Gyandzhinsky has ties to the clan of crime lord Nadir Salifov aka Guli. The clans of Guli and Lenkoransky have been at war for a long time.


Rovshan Dzhaniev

Ismailov used crime lord Guli’s brother to pass the man information regarding Rovshan Dzhaniev’s whereabouts, according to Turkish intelligence agencies. It happened in the summer of 2016. Rovshan Dzhaniev was then shot dead in Istanbul. Nadir Salifov’s brother often visited the now bankrupt former Cherkizovsky Market owner’s villa, according to Crimerussia’s sources.

Telman Ismailov is not safe in Turkey anymore. As for Russia, he was arrested in absentia here; Ismailov was convicted of killing shopping centers owner Vladimir Savkin and Lyublino-Motors incorporator Yury Brilev in 2016. Earlier, the businessman's brother Rafik Ismailov had been arrested in this case. Read our publication to learn the details and reasons behind the murder of Savkin and Brilev – The brutal Ismailovs family: How ICR uncoils murders of 20 years ago. The police is preparing to charge Telman Ismailov with yet more crimes. He is going to be charged with 6 more murders, 2 frauds, and a gang creation, according to the CrimeRussia’s sources.

What is the police going to charge him with now? Where is the entrepreneur going to hide? Why was Telman Ismailov interested in killing Rovshan Lenkoransky? What 'vegetable' wars did the clans participate in in Moscow? How did the Turkish police found out where Ismailov is hiding? You will be able to learn answers to all these questions and more in the CrimeRussia’s upcoming investigation.   



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