Telman Ismailov becomes Montenegro citizen

Telman Ismailov becomes Montenegro citizen
Telman Ismailov

It will be almost impossible to achieve the extradition of the billionaire.

Former owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov, who is wanted on charges of involvement in two assassinations, has become a citizen of Montenegro, Mash reports via Telegram.

The channel authors note that now it will be “almost impossible” to achieve his extradition.

It was previously reported that the ICR had completed the investigation against Ismailov’s brother Rafik, who was accused of organizing a double murder in the Moscow region in May 2016 in exchange for $2 million. The investigation believes Telman Ismailov to be assassination's paymaster.

Another relative of the businessman – former MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search Vagif Ismailov – is also suspected of being involved in the murders. According to the investigation, he helped his brother to cover up the tracks and hide the murder weapon. Mash reports that Vagif Ismailov currently lives with his family in Italy.

Ismailovs’ defense claims that all charges are based on the testimony of Mekhman Karimov, who is considered the direct perpetrator of the murder.

In November, it was reported that Telman Ismailov had sought political asylum in France. In exchange for asylum, he allegedly offered the French special services compromising the current chiefs of law enforcement agencies in Russia.

Telman Ismailov is also considered to be involved in the kidnapping of the singer Avraam Russo in 2004. The case of the singer’s kidnapping in late December was referred to the Prosecutor General’s Office. According to the investigation, Ismailov organized the abduction of the musician, whose concert activity he financed for some time, due to a conflict between them.



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