St. Petersburg Night Governor Kumarin sentenced to 23 years in colony

St. Petersburg Night Governor Kumarin sentenced to 23 years in colony
Vyacheslav Barsukov (Kumarin) Photo: TASS

In May 2016, the jury trial declared Kumarin as the contractor of the businessman Sergey Vasilyev’s assassination, an attempt at which took place 10 years ago.⁠

The St. Petersburg City Court sentenced the alleged leader of the Tambov organized crime group Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) to 23 years in a penal colony for the attempted murder of a businessman Sergey Vasilyev and the murder of his bodyguard, as reported by Interfax.

On the hearing’s eve, the prosecutor asked 25 years in the maximum security penal colony and a fine of 2 million rubles for Barsukov.

According to investigation, in May 2006 Barsukov organized a murder attempt at the owner of Peterburgsky Neftyanoy Terminal CJSC (St. Petersburg Oil Terminal) Sergey Vasilyev. One version is that Barsukov demanded a certain amount of money from the businessman for his contribution to the development of the latter’s business. The businessman refused, and became the target of an attempted murder. The killers Andrey and Oleg Mikhalyovs blocked the way to Vasilyev’s motorcade and opened fire using automatic weapons. The businessman and three of his bodyguards were wounded in the shooting; another bodyguard died from his injuries. In 2012, the brothers Andrey and Oleg Mikhalyovs were found guilty and sentenced to 20 and 18.6 years in prison, respectively. It was the brothers, who, having concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, testified against Barsukov.

Apart from Barsukov, in the dock there is Vyacheslav Drokov, Aleksander Korpushov, and Aleksander Merjulov, who has also been found guilty of the crime. Drokov and Korpushov were sentenced to 20 and 10.5 years, respectively. Merkulov, whom the jury found guilty of aiding and abetting the assassination attempt, was condemned to 4 years.

When imposing a penalty on Barsukov, the court considered his previous two convictions, namely the previously appointed 15-year sentence for raiding and extortion, as well as a fine of one million rubles, and another million as moral damages.

It should be noted that it was only in May 2016 that the jury recognized Barsukov guilty. In June 2014, when the cased was considered, the jury found Barsukov and other defendants in the case not guilty. In November 2014, the Supreme Court overturned the acquittal and referred the case for retrial. 



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