Shabtay Kalmanovich gunned down when heading to meeting with Russian presidential aide

Shabtay Kalmanovich gunned down when heading to meeting with Russian presidential aide
Scene of Shabtay Kalmanovich's murder

Sources from law enforcement bodies have uncovered new details about the murder of the owner of the women's basketball club Spartak.

Shabtay Kalmanovich, businessman and owner of the women's basketball club Spartak, was shot dead when he was going to a meeting with Russian presidential aide Alexander Abramov, Rosbalt reports with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies.

During the investigation, it was established that on November 2, 2009, Kalmanovich left for a meeting with Abramov from his office on Sergeya Makeeva Street. On Smolenskaya Embankment, the businessman's limousine was shelled from a silver Lada Priora. According to the driver of Kalmanovich, Pyotr Tumanov, his boss was an extremely demanding person and forbade him to look around when driving. Because of this, Tumanov did not notice the car with the killers. The driver heard the sound of gunshots, felt severe pain and for some time lost consciousness. Having regained consciousness, Tumanov saw that Kalmanovich was dead, while the limousine itself was slowly moving.

Investigators have established which SIM cards and phones the killers used. Later, with the help of technical expertise, they found out that Batyr Tumgoev, allegedly involved in the attack on Moscow’s Minister of Science and Industrial Policy Yevgeny Panteleev in 2004, could use one of the devices in 2009.

People armed with knives jumped into the Minister's Mercedes Gelandewagen. They beat the official and took him to Moscow suburbs. In Vidnoye, Panteleev was thrown out of the car, his money, watch and documents for the car were taken away. Subsequently, the SUV was found in Ryazan and returned to the owner. It was some Albagachiev that was behind the wheel, he was detained. Later, he was released at the request of the prosecutor. Inside the Mercedes, fingerprints were found that coincide with Tumgoev’s prints. In 2004, however, no measures were taken against him. In 2009, Tumgoev was mentioned in an investigation into the theft of the car, but was not imprisoned. In 2010, he was detained in a case of extortion of 12 million rubles ($190.3 thousand), but again he found himself at large.

Over the past 15 years, other suspects in the murder of Kalmanovich have also been often detained for various crimes, but each time they were released. The 2nd Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, which is involved in the investigation of the businessman's murder, will assess these cases. The investigation suggests that Tumgoev and other suspects may have ties in law enforcement agencies.

At present, Batyr Tumgoev and Ali Belkhoroev are in custody in the Kalmanovich murder case. Tumgoev was detained in a colony in the village of Kharp, where he arrived to meet with thief in law Khamzat Aushev (Khamzat Ingush), who is serving a long term.

The interlocutors of Rosbalt call the situation with the arrests of Tumgoev and Belkhoroev "absurd." “The investigators obtained all these technical data back in 2009, the names of Tumgoev and Belkhoroev have been featured in the materials since 2018. But it is only now that it was decided to take them - in the absence of any evidence of guilt. The investigation refers only to operational data. Like, we know that 10 years ago they could hold certain phones in their hands and drive a Priora. There is nothing else. But this is not proof. The motives of their actions are not indicated at all. We believe that Batyr and Ali had nothing to do with this crime,” the agency's source said.



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