Russian who ordered business partner 15 years ago extradited from Cyprus

Russian who ordered business partner 15 years ago extradited from Cyprus
Earlier, three other defendants in the case went to jail.

The ordered murder was committed in 2002 in the territory of Karelia. The perpetrator of the crime was detained by the siloviki only in early 2017.⁠

A native of the Pskov region, who eliminated by order his business partner 15 years ago, was extradited to Russia from Cyprus.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the man whose name is not disclosed was detained in the spring of 2017 by Cyprus law enforcement agencies in Nicosia. Subsequently, the local court decided to extradite the wanted Russian to his homeland. In Russia, the defendant in the organization of the contract killing was brought by employees of the NCB Interpol of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The crime of which the detainee is accused was committed in March 2002 in Kondopozhsky district of Karelia. According to the investigation, the businessman detained in Cyprus decided to get rid of his business partner. He asked his guard to find people to eliminate the business partner. The bodyguard brought three people to the execution of the order. The killers watched the victim on the motorway St. Petersburg-Murmansk, stopped his car, and then they killed him, inflicting deadly wounds on the businessman in the chest and neck.

It should be noted that the perpetrators of the crime, including the guard of the customer, were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment only in August 2013. However, one killer, a native of Kyrgyzstan, managed to run from justice for another four years. The man was detained earlier this year in Novosibirsk: he was hiding under a false name, using documents obtained in Kyrgyzstan.



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