Russian security services hacked Politkovskaya’s email 1 year before her murder

Russian security services hacked Politkovskaya’s email 1 year before her murder
Anna Politkovskaya

This is confirmed by the documents of the former employee of the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA) Edward Snowden, which he has handed over to journalists.

American intelligence agencies have found information that the FSB cracked the mail of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya a year before her murder. This is reported by The Intercept citing a document provided to journalists by the former employee of the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA) Edward Snowden.

It appears that there is a note about mail hack in the biography of Anna Politkovskaya in the NSA internal reference system. This record was contained in the National Security Agency’s internal wiki encyclopedia, to which Snowden used to have access. The record said that 5 December 2005, the Russian security services (allegedly, it was the FSB) used a software not available in the public domain to hack Politkovskaya’s email. She used a mailbox of one of the American providers -

However, NSA experts have found no link between the mail hack and the murder of Politkovskaya. The Intercept notes that American intelligence agencies have learnt about the hack of journalist’s mail through systems of user correspondence data acquisition system.

Anna Politkovskaya worked for Novaya Gazeta from 1999. She wrote a lot of things about the representatives of the government and the conflict in the North Caucasus. October 7, 2006 she was shot in her apartment building.

In 2014, the Moscow City Court convicted the persons accused in the journalist’s murder. Lom-Ali Gaytukaev was found guilty of murder organization and sentenced to life imprisonment; hitman Rustam Makhmudov also got a life sentence. Former policeman Sergey Khadzhikurbanov was recognized as mediator and sentenced to 20 year in penal colony; hitman’s brothers Ibragim and Dzhabrail Makhmudov, who followed Politkovskaya, were sentenced to 12 and 14 years, respectively. In addition, Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov got 11 years in prison for complicity in the journalist’s murder.

Despite the fact the investigation called Lom-Ali Gaytukaev the arranger of the assassination, the injured party and the editorial board of Novaya Gazeta insist that the murder has not been solved, since the direct contractor has not been found.

As previously reported by Kommersant, the investigation is identifying the person who ordered the hit, however, the search comes down to demanding that the convicted Khadjikurbanov called the late businessman Boris Berezovsky the contractor. Because of the refusal to give false evidence, the convict was subjected to pressure in the colony, receiving penalties for the slightest infraction. Berezovsky's lawyer Andrey Borovkov strongly rejects the accusations in this regard against the former client. According to him, this is not the first high-profile case, for which the law enforcers try to frame his deceased client. Borovkov believes if there had been real grounds for charges against Berezovsky, they would have been brought while the oligarch was still alive.



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