Russian Supreme Court lightened sentence of Gorilka owner’s murderers

Russian Supreme Court lightened sentence of Gorilka owner’s murderers
The owner of the retail chain Gorilka Oleg Dergilev

Sentences of two persons of interest in the case have been lightened for one year. The defense is going to continue to challenge sentences.

The Russian Supreme Court decided to lighten the sentences of the two persons involved in the case of the murder of Oleg Dergilev, the Head of the liquor retail chain Gorilka in Samara, writes the newspaper Kommersant. The four perpetrators of the crime were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The contractor remains unknown.

According to investigators, the main person of interest in the case is Sergey Kozayev: it was him who received an order for the assassination of the businessman for 200 thousand USD. He got Vyacheslav Kalistratov, Maxim Kolesnikov, Sergei Dogadin and his another friend involved in the job. As the investigators have established, on October 10, 2013 the accomplices stopped Dergilev’s Mercedes, then tied the entrepreneur and his driver and took them to the woods nearby the Mega shopping center. Here, the criminals killed the businessman (while leaving the driver Andrey Chitalov alive), stole 1 million rubles from the car and fled.

The jury found all the persons of interest guilty in committing Murder and aiding in its commitment (part 5 of the Art. 33 and item (h), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code, as well as item (h), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code), Theft of 1 million rubles (item (b), part 4 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code), Illegal Acquisition and Possession of Weapons (part 2 of the Art. 222 of the Criminal Code). The largest sentence - 23 years in prison - was given to Sergey Kozayev, whom the jury called the organizer of the crime. The rest of the persons of interest in the case are considered his partners and received sentences in accordance with the gravity of the offense: Kalistratov - 19 years, Dogadin - 18 yearsб Kolesnikov - 16 years. At that, the accused insisted on their innocence.

Lawyers of defendants filed a complaint to the Supreme Court (SC). Having examined the materials of the case, the SC decided to lighten the term of imprisonment for one year for two of the convicts: Maxim Kolesnikov and Vyacheslav Kalistratov. The Court officials said that the change of the sentence happened due to the fact that in respect of Kolesnikov and Kalistratov the sentence under part 2 of Art. 222 (Illegal Purchase, Transfer, Selling, Storage, Transportation or Carrying of the Weapon, its basic parts, Ammunition) was canceled.

The representative of the defense Olga Pakhomova said that the decision of the SC did not satisfy her, so she intends to appeal to the appeal to the European Court.

It is to be recalled that in parallel with the criminal case on the murder of the businessman, another, this time the civil case related to Dergilev, was heard in court. His widow Anna Dergileva filed a lawsuit against the former State Duma Deputy Alexey Mitrofanov on recovery of 68 million rubles which the MP borrowed from the businessman. The Dorogomilovsky Court of Moscow analyzed the provided IOUs and partially satisfied the claim demanding compensation from Mitrofanov in amount of 63.8 million rubles. Both parties filed an appeal, but the court's decision has not been changed.



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