Rostov developer credited with murder of competitors and death of Ded Hasan’s minion 

Rostov developer credited with murder of competitors and death of Ded Hasan’s minion
Valery Chabanov in court

The former head of the Vant Construction Concern has been charged with the murder of a dozen competitors as part of Les’s gang.

New charges have been brought against Rostov developer Valery Chabanov, who is serving a sentence for embezzling the funds allocated by equity holders. This time, the former head of the Vant Construction Concern has been charged with the murder of a dozen competitors as part of an OCG. The same crime group is also involved in the shooting of thief in law Alik Minalyan (Sochinsky) in Moscow in 2009, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. To recap, February 6, Ded Hasan’s minion was killed by an assassin’s bullets at the entrance of the house on Initsiativnaya Street in Moscow. Shortly before his death, he lost his thief’s title because of spending from the ‘common fund.’


The spot of Alik Sochinsky's murder

According to the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow, Valery Chabanov and his son Andrey Chabanov used to be members of the notorious Les (aka Dmitry Lesnyakov) gang. In 1999, the group operated on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region and then moved to Moscow. In 2006, the OCG’s subsidiary in the Rostov region was headed by the developer's son, Andrey Chabanov. The investigation believes that Chabanov Sr. began to use the group's services not later than in January 2008. The businessman would order the bandits the elimination of his competitors in the Krasnodar and Rostov regions. Chabanov would allocate money to organize crimes and pay remuneration to the perpetrators.

The developer has been charged with some articles, including part 2 of Art. 210, part 2 of Art. 105, and part 3 of Art. 111. He denies his guilt. His lawyers insist on the abolition of arrest in connection with the terminal illness of their client.

To recall, the Vant Construction Concern used to be engaged in the construction of real estate with the involvement of equity holders. During the economic crisis of 2008, the company began to experience financial difficulties preventing it from completing the construction of some facilities. Banks denied Chabanov loans. When his main creditor Sberbank refused to loan 1 billion rubles ($15.7 million), Chabanov suspended the construction. 26 houses in Rostov-on-Don and 24 houses in Sochi were left unfinished. After criminal proceedings were opened against him, he and his wife, Nadezhda, fled abroad. He was declared federally and internationally wanted.

It was not until February 2016 that Chabanov was detained in the Thai city of Pattaya. His wife Nadezhda Chabanova was detained in the United Arab Emirates in July 2015, but the issue of her extradition was never solved. In the criminal case, she acted as Head of the Agentstvo Nedvizhimosti Vant LLC.

In August 2017, Valery Chabanov was sentenced to four years of colony-settlement for swindling with the means of equity holders. Back then, the damage from his actions was estimated at 300 million rubles ($4.7 million), and 253 people were recognized as victims. As for the second criminal case, the damage from the activities of the construction company was estimated at 600 million rubles ($9.14 million), and 434 people were recognized as victims. However, it was terminated in May this year due to the expiration of limitation period. Courts of the Rostov region are considering the revision of this decision and the resumption of the 600-million-ruble embezzlement case.

An international wanted notice has been issued for Valery Chabanov’s son and former deputy of the Rostov City Duma, Andrey Chabanov. Some sources say he is also hiding in Thailand. He has been charged in absentia with Murder and Banditry. Law enforcers believe that Andrey Chabanov and Dmitry Lesnyakov were co-founders of the construction company Freestyle.



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