Prosecutor's Office legitimates exaggeration of conditions for Nemtsov’s murderer

Prosecutor's Office legitimates exaggeration of conditions for Nemtsov’s murderer
Zaur Dadaev

Relatives of Zaur Dadaev believe that the investigation is trying to get new testimony.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Irkutsk region legitimated tightening of conditions for the convicted for the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov Zaur Dadaev.

The reply of the department sent to the relatives and lawyers of the prisoner states that he was legally recognized as a malicious offender and transferred to a chamber-type ward.

In particular, the Prosecutor's Office notes that the prisoner was reprimanded three times, he was also placed in the punishment cell and was later transferred to a chamber-type ward in Irkutsk on August 28. On September 6, he got the conditions for holding a chamber-type ward (EKPT), which is located in Irkutsk-2 in Angarsk.

It should be noted that EKPT is considered one of the most severe penalties for violators within the Russian penitentiary system. Such cells are also called "prison inside the FSIN." Prisoners in the EKPT could not meet with relatives.

In turn, relatives and defense of Dadaev are sure that his transfer from IK-3 to IK-2 is connected with the attempts of the investigation to obtain new testimony from the convict. The investigation into the murder of Nemtsov continues.

As lawyer Shamsudin Tsakaev told RBC, now they want to get testimony from Dadaev on Ruslan Geremeev, who is a witness on trial. He may be accused of committing the murder. Meanwhile, the accusation of organizing an attack on Nemtsov was leveled to driver of Gurimeev Ruslan Mukhudinov. Since November 2015, he is put on the international wanted

Shahrudi Dadaev, Zaur's brother, wrote to the Legal Zone organization that his relative complained about the staff and administration of the IK-3, who began to exert pressure after the prisoner refused to pass the test on a polygraph.



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