Prosecutor General's Office takes investigation of Ufa Motor-Building Association manager Yury Yashin's murder under special control  

Prosecutor General's Office takes investigation of Ufa Motor-Building Association manager Yury Yashin's murder under special control
Yury Yashin was waited for in parking lot near his car

The department believes that the ICR did not consider all possible motives for the crime.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation took under special control the investigation of the murder of the Deputy Commercial Director of the Ufa Motor-Building Association (UMPO), Yury Yashin, in July 2018, Kommersant reports. The investigation believes that the motive for the murder was Yashin’s conflict with the Head of the enterprise, but the supervisory authority considered that the ICR did not consider all possible versions of what happened.

The murder of Yashin happened in Ufa on July 20, 2018. The senior executive came down from the apartment in his house to the underground parking lot to his Grand Cherokee jeep. Nobody saw him alive after that. Subsequently, Yashin's body was found near the Safronovskaya pier next to the bridge over the Belaya River. The corpse was wrapped with building loops, and signs of blows with baseball bat were visible on the body.

Suspects were detained almost immediately - they were unemployed Fyodor Tokarev and three of his accomplices, car wash staff. It turned out that they had forgotten to turn off Yashin’s phone, and also were caught by video cameras when they washed the jeep after the crime. The detainees were charged with Abduction and Murder committed by a group of persons using violence (part 2 of Art. 126 and part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).


Tokarev quickly pleaded guilty and gave testimony against the Commercial Director of UMPO Sergey Evstafyev. According to the killer, the Head of the company ordered the murder out of personal dislike. Evstafyev was arrested. He was charged with organizing the attack on Yashin. According to the investigation, the motive was a personal conflict between the senior executives. That said, the defendants said during interrogation that no one was going to kill Yashin.


Yury Yashin

From the very beginning, Evstafyev’s defense considered the accusations against him to be false and indicated that the investigation had not considered other versions of the crime. Evstafyev’s lawyer, Roman Petrov, noted that, according to the case files, Tokarev, who was previously on trial on charges of fraud, organized surveillance of Yashin as early as November 2017. The lawyer also said that the day before the murder, Nikolay Akhmametyev, Head of the Logistics Department of UMPO, spent the whole evening with Yashin and knew about his plans for the next day, including that the manager would go to work by his own, not official, car. In addition, the billing and call detailing carried out within the framework of the investigation showed that Evstafyev had nothing to do with the negotiations of the organizers of the murder, and moreover, he never spoke with Tokarev and was not acquainted with him, said Petrov.

Evstafyev’s defense believes that the investigation did not pay attention to Akhmametyev’s negotiations with the persons involved in the case on the eve of Yashin’s murder, as well as to the fact that the crime was beneficial to him: after the death of the latter, he could occupy his post. This plan was not fulfilled - shortly after what happened, Akhmametyev was forced to retire. The prosecutor's office nevertheless agreed that the investigation did not analyze all possible versions of the murder and took the further investigation under its control.




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