President of Vityaz charitable foundation arrested for masterminding murder of anti-drug policeman 

President of Vityaz charitable foundation arrested for masterminding murder of anti-drug policeman
Detention of kidnappers Photo: Screenshot

The killed man tried to buy off the kidnappers with 15 kilograms of drugs.

The Oktyabrsky St. Petersburg Court arrested president of the Vityaz charitable foundation Mikhail Spiridonov for two months on charges of organizing the kidnapping and killing of a former officer of the Federal Drug Control Service Pronin, Fontanka reports. The body of Pronin was found on June 6 near the village of Novoe Kalische in the Lomonosov district, the Leningrad region.

It is reported that the murder occurred in May 2014. Unknown people pushed a former policeman into a foreign car near a house on Primorsky Highway and took him away. After this, no one saw him. The criminal case was initiated at the end of the month, and the fulfillment of the collected evidence occurred in early June.

According to the source of Fontanka, kidnappers demanded 5 million rubles. The ex-officer allegedly tried to buy off with 15 kilograms of drugs, but the kidnappers did not like it. As a result, the policeman was killed.

In the case of the Pronin’s abduction, five defendants were charged. In addition to Spiridonov, the court arrested two more suspects. The detentions took place in the town of Novorzhev in the Pskov region, in Zelenogorsk (the Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Sestroretsk. Two more defendants were already in the colony of Obukhovo, where they have done time for accusations of drug trafficking.

It is reported that 47-year-old Mikhail Spiridonov is the president of the International Charitable Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Patriotic Education of Youth Vityaz. Earlier, he served in the special-purpose detachment under the same name, which was part of a separate operational division of the internal troops named after Dzerzhinsky.



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