Perpetrator and customer of murder of businessman family arrested in St. Petersburg after 13 years

Perpetrator and customer of murder of businessman family arrested in St. Petersburg after 13 years
Photo: Rosbalt

The Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg imprisoned for up to December 17 inclusive the alleged perpetrator of the murder of the family of entrepreneur Dmitry Zeynalov, who was shot in 2005.

Rosbalt reports this with reference to the integrated press service of city courts.

According to investigators, Alexander Zotov, who was arrested for a period of two months, is the perpetrator of the murder of four people in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. Investigators believe that St. Petersburg businessman Alexander Tyutin, who was arrested by the same court on Friday, is the customer of the crime.

Tyutin was detained on October 17 in the course of investigating another crime. In the ICR the agency was informed that he ordered the murder of a local woman named Zalutskaya. Having received information about the impending crime,Law enforcement officers introduced an operative into the criminal scheme under the guise of a potential killer. He showed Tyutin the body of an allegedly "killed" woman in the back seat of the car as evidence of order fulfillment.

During the investigative measures, it became clear that Tyutin was involved in a crime committed on the territory of the Serebryany Ruchei gardening establishment in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region 13 years ago.

In August 2005, the family of Dmitry Zeynalov, co-owner of Troitsky Dom-2 company, was shot there. The killer shot adults in the eyes, and he stabbed Zeynalov’s 15-year-old daughter with an axe.

According to Ministry of Tax and Revenues Directorate in St. Petersburg, Zeinalov was the founder and director of construction companies OOO Troitsky Dom-2, OOO Dan and OOO Strong, which participated in several fairly large projects in St. Petersburg, for example, in the restoration of the Botanical Garden. In the 2000s, a native of Bobruisk, Alexander Tyutin, decided to take over 50% of the shares of his business partner Dmitry Zeynalov in Troitsky Dom-2. Two children of Zeynalov were killed so that there would be no heirs left. The perpetrator of the murder was detained in the Stavropol region.



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