Perm official received life sentence for contract murders

Perm official received life sentence for contract murders
Ivan Galkin in the court Photo: Sergey Tretyakov/ Komsomolskaya Pravda

The former Deputy Head of the Kudymkarsky district of the Perm Region ordered old men to take control of their apartments, another victim was the state employee Galina Mekhanoshina – he decided to kill from revenge.

The Perm Regional Court condemned the former Deputy head of administration of Kudymkarsky district Ivan Galkin. The defendant was found guilty of Murder of three people (part 3 Art. 33, part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Organization of Assaults (part 3 Art. 33, part 4 of Art. 162 of the CC of the RF), Destruction or Damage of Other People's Property (part 2 of Art. 167 of the CC of the RF) and Illegal Storage of Explosive (part 1 of Art. 222.1 of CC of the RF). Galkin was sentenced to a life sentence in the corrective penal colony of a special regime.

As the CrimeRussia earlier reported the 55-year-old ex-official was accused of a series of contract murders and other crimes, which he committed from 2007 to 2015.

Thus, in the fall of 2007 the accused, who by this time had already left his post of the employee of the Administration of Kudymkar, organized a murder of a 90-year-old woman. Galkin ordered the old woman, so she would not have a possibility to controvert in court a sale of the apartment of his friend. To commit the murder he hired repeatedly judged earlier resident of Kudymkar Ivan E., who executed order in November of the same year.

In 2013 Galkin again resorted to services of Ivan E. Former official organized assault and murder of the Head of the territorial Administration of the Ministry of social development of the Perm Region of Komi-Permyak Area Galina Mekhanoshina. As regional media reported, the fact that she dismissed Ivan Galkin's mistress from the management became a motive of murder of the state employee. The former driver of Mekhanoshina was detained and unreasonably condemned for this crime. After having served 2,5 years of prison term he was rehabilitated.

In 2014 Galkin, being a member of the organized group, was preparing murder of three people, with whom he run a joint business. The motive for the crime was a desire to obtain more than 10 million rubles. He also organized assault and murder of 80-year-old woman, stealing about 140 thousand rubles from her.

The series of crimes could proceed further if it was not for killer Ivan E. got caught on household murder. Being drunk, he and his son killed two people because of personal hostility. The police detained the man, and on interrogations he confessed to investigating officer in the previous numerous contract murders also told the name of customer – Ivan Galkin. For cooperation with the investigation the murderer was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment.


Ivan Galkin was born in 1961. From December, 2000 to November, 2004 Galkin worked as the Deputy Head of the Kudymkarsky district of the Perm Region. From 2004 to 2006 he held a post of the Head of the Property Committee.

In 2001 he opened Mayak public organization, in 2007 it was closed because of failure to provide tax accounts. From 2007 to 2014 Ivan Galkin was the director of logging company LLC Galon.



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